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Thursday, 14 March 2013

LIfe Style of Pope Francis 1

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Francis born Jorge Mario Bergoglioon 17 December 1936) is the current pope of the Catholic Church. He serves as the 266th pope, having been elected on 13 March 2013. In that role, he is both the leader of the Catholic Church and sovereign ruler of the Vatican City State.
          A native of Buenos Aires, Argentina, Bergoglio was ordained as a priest in 1969. From 1998 until 2013, he served as the Archbishop of Buenos Aires, and Pope John Paul II made him a cardinal in 2001. Elected as pope in 2013 following his predecessor Pope Benedict XVI's resignation, Bergoglio chose "Francis" as his name. This marked the first time in papal history that this name had been used, and along with Pope John Paul I is one of only two times since Pope Lando's brief 913 reign that a serving pope held a name unused by a predecessor. Francis is both the first Jesuit priest and the first native of the Americas to be elected Pope. He is also the first non-European pope since Syrian-born Pope Gregory III, who died in 741.
Early life
               Jorge Mario Bergoglio was born in Buenos Aires, one of the five children of Italian immigrants[ario José Bergoglio, a railway worker, and his wife Regina María Sívori, a housewife. As a teenager, Bergoglio had a lung removed as a result of an infection. He studied and received a master's degree in chemistry at the University of Buenos Aires before he decided to pursue an ecclesiastical career. According to another reference, he graduated from a technical school as a chemical technician and at the age of 21 decided to become a priest.

Ecclesiastical career
           Bergoglio entered the Society of Jesus on 11 March 1958 and studied to become a priest at the Jesuit seminary in Villa Devoto. In 1960, Bergoglio obtained a licentiate in philosophy from the Colegio Máximo San José in San Miguel; in 1964 and 1965, he taught literature and psychology at the Colegio de la Inmaculada, a high school in the province of Santa Fe, Argentina, and in 1966 he taught the same courses at the Colegio del Salvador in Buenos Aires.
In 1967, Bergoglio finished his theological studies and was ordained to the priesthood on 13 December 1969, by Archbishop Ramón José Castellano. He attended the Facultades de Filosofía y Teología de San Miguel (Philosophical and Theological Faculty of San Miguel), a seminary in San Miguel, Buenos Aires province. Bergoglio attained the position of novice master there and became professor of theology.
The Society of Jesus promoted Bergoglio and he served as provincial for Argentina from 1973 to 1979.He was transferred in 1980 to become the rector of the seminary in San Miguel, and served in that capacity until 1986. He completed his doctoral dissertation in Germany and returned to Argentina to serve as confessor and spiritual director in Córdoba.
Bergoglio was named Auxiliary Bishop of Buenos Aires in 1992 and was ordained on 27 June 1992 as Titular Bishop of Auca, with His Eminence, Antonio Cardinal Quarracino, Archbishop of Buenos Aires, serving as principal consecrator.
Bergoglio succeeded Cardinal Quarracino as Archbishop of Buenos Aires on 28 February 1998 and was concurrently named ordinary for Eastern Catholics in Argentina, who had lacked their own prelate

At the consistory of 21 February 2001, Archbishop Bergoglio was created a cardinal by Pope John Paul II with the title of cardinal-priest of San Roberto Bellarmino. As cardinal, Bergoglio was appointed to several administrative positions in the Roman Curia
Cardinal Bergoglio became known for personal humility, doctrinal conservatism and a commitment to social justice.A simple lifestyle contributed to his reputation for humility. He lived in a small apartment, rather than in the palatial bishop's residence. He gave up his chauffeured limousine in favor of public transportation.
On the death of Pope John Paul II, Bergoglio was considered one of the papabile cardinals. He participated as a cardinal elector in the 2005 papal conclave that selected Pope Benedict XVI. La Stampa reported that Bergoglio was in close contention with Ratzinger during the election, until he made an emotional plea that the cardinals should not vote for him.Earlier, he had participated in the funeral of Pope John Paul II and acted as a regent alongside the College of Cardinals, governing the Holy See and the Roman Catholic Church during the interregnum sede vacante period.
During the 2005 Synod of Bishops, he was elected a member of the Post-Synodal council. Catholic journalist John L. Allen, Jr. reported that Bergoglio was a frontrunner in the 2005 Conclave. An unauthorized diary of uncertain authenticity released in September 2005 confirmed that Bergoglio was the runner-up and main challenger of Cardinal Ratzinger at that conclave. The purported diary of the anonymous cardinal claimed Bergoglio received 40 votes in the third ballot, but fell back to 26 at the fourth and decisive ballot.
On 8 November 2005, Bergoglio was elected President of the Argentine Episcopal Conference for a three-year term (2005–2008) by a large majority of the Argentine bishops, which according to reports confirms his local leadership and the international prestige earned by his alleged performance in the conclave. He was reelected on 11 November 2008.
As a cardinal, Bergoglio was associated with Communion and Liberation, a conservative Catholic association of the faithful .

Papacy began13 March 2013
PredecessorBenedict XVI
Ordination13 December 1969
Ramón José Castellano
Consecration27 June 1992
Antonio Quarracino
Created Cardinal21 February 2001
Personal details
Birth nameJorge Mario Bergoglio
Born(1936-12-17) 17 December 1936 (age 76)Buenos Aires, Argentina
Previous postAuxiliary Bishop of Buenos Aires (1992–1997)
Titular Bishop of
Auca (1992–1997)Archbishop of Buenos Aires (1998–2013)
Cardinal-Priest of
St. Roberto Bellarmino (2001–2013)Ordinary of the Ordinariate for the Faithful of the Eastern Rites in Argentina (1998–2013)
MottoMiserando atque eligendo
("With mercy and choosing")
Coat of arms{{{coat_of_arms_alt}}}

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Pope Francis elected as 266th Roman Catholic pontiff

The cardinals of the Roman Catholic church on Wednesday chose as their new pope a man from almost "the end of the world" – the first non-European to be elected for almost 1,300 years and the first-ever member of the Jesuit order.
Jorge Mario Bergoglio, the archbishop of Buenos Aires, becomes Pope Francis – the first pontiff to take that name – an early indication perhaps of a reign he hopes will be marked by inspirational preaching and evangelisation.
But the cardinals' choice risked running into immediate controversy over the new pope's role in Argentina's troubled history. In his book, El Silencio, a prominent Argentinian journalist alleged that he connived in the abduction of two Jesuit priests by the military junta in the so-called "dirty war". He denies the accusation.
The new pope appeared on the balcony over the entrance to St Peter's basilica more than an hour after white smoke poured from the chimney above the Sistine Chapel, signalling that the cardinals had made their choice. Dressed in his new white robes, the bespectacled Argentinian prelate looked pensive and perhaps a little intimidated as he looked out at the sea of jubilant humanity in the square.
The former Cardinal Bergoglio was not among the front-runners. But he obtained more votes than any other candidate except former pope Benedict in the 2005 conclave, and – although his election came as a surprise – he was certainly not a rank outsider.
According to some accounts, he was not chosen eight years ago because he begged his fellow cardinals not to continue voting for him. As he uttered his first words – "buona sera" – and the cheering died away, he told the crowd that his peers had been tasked with finding a bishop of Rome. "And it seems that they went almost to the end of the world to find him. But we're here," he said with a smile.
After a prayer for his predecessor, Benedict XVI, the new pope invited the faithful in the square to "pray for the entire world". He added: "I hope that this path for the church will be one fruitful for evangelisation."
Faced with a sharp choice between those cardinals who wanted a thorough shake-up of the Vatican and those who did not, it appeared the electors in the Sistine Chapel opted for compromise. Bergoglio has a reputation for both political canniness and reforming drive. Among the tests facing the 76-year-old will be the awesome managerial demands of the job.
The fumata bianca – the white smoke signal that marks the successful conclusion of a conclave – arrived after five ballots at the end of the second day of voting. The smoke that poured out of the comignolo, the copper and steel tube on the roof of the Sistine Chapel, was greeted with cries of delight and applause from the crowd below. Soon after, the bells of St Peter's rang out, confirming that a new pope had taken over the spiritual leadership of the world's 1.2 billion baptised Catholics.
Inside the Sistine Chapel after the final vote was cast, the most junior of the cardinals, James Harvey, a former prefect of the papal household, called in the secretary of the college of cardinals, Monsignor Lorenzo Baldisseri, and the master of papal liturgical ceremonies, Monsignor Guido Marini, to witness the new pope's acceptance of one of the most daunting jobs on Earth.
The most senior of the electors, Cardinal Giovanni Battista Re, approached the pope-to-be and – in accordance with tradition – asked him in Latin: "Do you accept your canonical election as supreme pontiff?"
Having obtained his consent, he will have asked: "By what name do you wish to be called?" The master of ceremonies, acting as a notary, will then have summoned two of his staff to act as witnesses, and prepared the document that certifies the new pope's acceptance.
Newly elected popes are taken to be robed in the Room of Tears, its name an indication of the reluctance with which most approach the task. The last holder of the office, Benedict XVI, introduced a change in the ritual that allows the new pope to pray before he is announced to the world.

Benedict abdicated on 28 February, saying that he was no longer able to cope with the burden of his office. He was the first pontiff to resign voluntarily since Celestine V in 1294.The world's Catholics will be looking to his successor to provide not only spiritual inspiration but also firm leadership. The new pope was chosen against a background of turbulence and strife unprecedented in modern times. He takes on the leadership of a church whose faithful have been shocked by a proliferation of clerical sex abuse scandals throughout the rich world and dismayed by events in and around the Vatican.
The day for the 115 cardinal-electors began at about 6.30am local time in the Casa Santa Marta, their simple but comfortable – and highly protected – residence in the walled city state. After breakfast, they made their way to the Apostolic Palace, the home of the popes, for morning mass in the Pauline Chapel. By about 9.30am, they had settled themselves into the Sistine Chapel for prayers and the resumption of voting.
Benedict's startling decision to resign came after years of mounting tension and discreet but venomous infighting in the Roman Curia, the central administration of the Catholic church. Last year, some of the pope's correspondence, pointing to bitter rivalries and maladministration – or worse – in the Vatican was published in book form.
Benedict's butler, Paolo Gabriele, was tried and imprisoned for leaking the documents, but the journalist to whom the papers were passed has said that his source was part of a much broader network of disaffected Vatican employees and officials. Gabriele's arrest coincided with a renewed controversy over the Vatican bank, whose chairman was summarily dismissed last May.
The scandals – and a string of controversies over the pope's own declarations – distracted attention from what was expected to be the central theme of his papacy. Benedict came to the leadership of the Catholic church as the pope who would begin the process of re-evangelising an increasingly secular western world.
That too will be an important challenge for his successor. In the approach to the conclave several cardinals said they wanted a great pastor for the world's biggest Christian denomination.
No indication of how or why the new pope was chosen was expected to emerge. On Tuesday, before the start of the conclave, the cardinal-electors took an oath of secrecy, as had those Vatican employees and officials involved in the election.
Additional precautions included a sweep of the Sistine Chapel to ensure that no listening devices had been planted inside and the use of electronic jamming techniques.

Thursday, 28 February 2013

'I'm just a pilgrim,' Benedict XVI says in public farewell

 Pope Benedict XVI surprised the cardinals and organizers of a Feb. 28 farewell ceremony by saying the future Pope is present and that he already pledges his “unconditional respect and obedience” to him.

“Before I personally greet you I desire to tell you that I will continue to remain close to you with prayer, especially in these next days, that you may be fully docile to the action of the Holy Spirit in the election of the new Pope.

“That the Lord will show you what he wants from you,” Benedict XVI told the 144 cardinals gathered in the Clementine Hall of the Apostolic Palace at 11:00 a.m. to bid him farewell.

“Among you, between the College of Cardinals, there is also the future Pope, to whom I already pledge my unconditional respect and obedience,” he declared.

The cardinals of the Church usually promise their obedience to the new Pope in the Sistine Chapel after he is elected, making Benedict XVI’s words all the more powerful.

Pope Benedict was not expected to deliver any remarks, so organizers were surprised by his speech.

Cardinal Angelo Sodano, Dean of the College of Cardinals, also offered words on behalf of all the cardinals in which he said their hearts burned within them during the Pope’s eight years of ministry.

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Goan Wedding Song Lyrics

MAKA SOIRIK NHOI RE ZALI - ( I’m engaged – Brides song)

Mhaka soirik nhoi re zali, nourean utrachi mudi ghaili..2
Main pain kazrachi mojea, toyari keli, noureak mezun dothi...2

Hathak ghalun kaknna chuddo, dakhounk bonvtam sogllo vaddo....2
Resperak anv vetelim, rosteaveleanu tambdi sontri launu.....2

Nouro sobit dista rupan, zoso surya dista kupan...2
Dekun kalliz ravona, oll’lent vo supant, dorun dista gopan...2

Novrean lens dila sedacho, doxim bangrachea bordacho...2
Zaumcho pormoll mogacho, jasmin fulamcho, adhar fudaracho...2
2. DIS BUNHEADICHO (Sung at the Engagement ceremony – Muddiek Mando)
Ch. Sobit par-parveamcho mudi ghalunk toyar zala,
Soiream ixttamcho zomo besanv diunk hajir ravla,
Mhunntat rupan choliechea, choleak pisso kela
Kumvor dista mhunn novro mhozo, sango Sheela

Oklechea kallzan rigonk vatt ti kottin asli
Vontt chabonk sabar zannamni zaiti tozvit keli
Ti udka voir uddki marun sobit masli posli
Ghott eka chopkean rampnik sobit bauli mevli

Ti ramponn ugddun novro bab poddlo niall korunk
Hatanatlem baulem uddon laglem voir sokol nachunk
Itli sobit choli dhorli bandra laglo mhunnonk
Sodanch mog kortolom praier laglo nicheu korunk

Repeat....Chorus...Sobit par-parveamcho mudi galunk toear zala...

Aichea disak tumchim chintnam purim zaunk paulim,
Altarachea paumdea mukhar tumi lagim sorlim,
Main-Pain soireamni axirvadan aiz tumkam bhorlim
Tumchea mogachi govai diunk tumi toyar zalim

Aiz dadosta jiv mhozo polloun ho niz mog tumcho
Dis tumchea kazari jivitachea bunyiadicho
Pormoll mogacho jivitant tumchea gopant rakhcho
Vaitta boreantu ho niz mog tumcho sodanch ghott urcho

Repeat ……Sobit par-parveamcho mudi ghalunk toear zala,

3A.NOMAN MORI (Blessing the Ross)
Noman, Noman korum-ia Bapa, Noman koria tachea putrak…2
Bessanv, bessanv, bessanv magom-ya, Devachea hea amchea rossak…2

Kana talleacher tel ghalun, kopolar viva khuris kaddun
Rosak amchea bessanv magom-ia, donui ath zoddun
Bapak ami onoth divum-ya, Moriek Noman, Nomak korum-ya
Amche rossak bessanv Saibinni, ghal mhunn magom-ya

Repeat Noman Noman…

(This Ovi/Zoti is also sung for ‘Saddo’ , ‘Chuddo’ washing of rice etc .
In place of ‘ROSAK’ use ‘Saddeak’ or ‘Chuddeak’ or ‘Tandvank’ ) Noman noman noman bapa, re viva Noman Noman Putrak
Amchea rossak besanv magum-ya
Sorgimchea sorgimchea Deva bapa lagim

Kanan tallier telu, re viva koplar kaddat khuris
Are viva rosak besanv ditam, sorgimcho sorgimcho Deva bapa

Poilo amchea bapa, reviva dusri Noman Morie
Amchea rossak besanv ghali Saibin amchi ankvar Morie

(sung at the time of applying Ross ) Rossu mathear angar kaddunu, kopolar ghatlo khurisu irmanu…2
Polea voilean ath voddtana, rosak bessanv ghalta gha mana…..2

Fuddem korunu, daver mandunu, melele almank borem magonu…2
Santam Bhogtank, misam angonnu, ross kaddum-ya Deva nanvanu….2

Doria deger meulo ek khubo, khubo gheun kunead ross launk ubo…2
Nam dilear cholta soro ek kotor, kazarak math nourea zai amkam motor…2

Chinchonea ganvan ek ful fullolam, pormoll tacho Moddgonva pavola…2
Saxticho mali Bardez yela, fulak voronk darrar ravola…2

Rupeacho rupoi, rossan buddonu, ordeacher ghalta bessanv ti-Manu…2
Tambeacho poixo addla mauxenu, ross launk ubi raulea khoxenu…2

Bapaik bhettom-ya, Putrak Bhettom-ya., Maink ross bhettonu bessanv magom-ya..2
Maink apoia, paik apoia, sezareank-soireank ross launk apoiya…2

4b. OKOL/NOUREAK ROSS LAITANA ( Sung at the time of applying ross)
Rossu mu tho kaddun, koplar kaddlo khuris,...2
Rossak besanv ditam, rossak bessanv ditam, Ga Sorinch Rei Krist,

Davieo korun Kovlo, dissan kelem gisu,....2
Mel'leank diumia misu, mel'lenk diumia misu, Ezman maim ghe amche ....2

Doria deger bhonvon, ek ga haddlo khubo,...2
Amchea nakear ubo, amchea nakear ubo, Pedru nouro amcho...2

Ingleziche bhaxen, udkak mhonntat vottor....2
Tujea kazarachem, tujea kazarchem, nourea amkam zaiem motor...2

Saxtti poddlam bagu, ubon ailem vanzu,....2
Mapxem ful'lam khobrem, ponje fullam mogrem, nourea tuka konnem sanglem...2

Mhapxeam festak bhonvon, Milagrik kelo fuddo,…2
Milagriche paiam lagcho, Milagriche paiem lagcho, oklen ghatla chuddo….2

(The couple) Deva Bapan poilich rochli zoddi,
Tantum kirlol noxibachi goddi,
Eke zoddie udexim porza sonvsark zali
Fulon sobit fulamcheo vali…}2
Ch. Surngar ankvarponnacho, usko assona konnacho,
Sakrament zoddtoch kazaracho,
Mathear turo fudaracho

Devan munxeak dila aplo bhag,
Zolmotoch bhurgem maim mhonn korta zap
Boro fudar kirlonk doya Jesu lagim mag…..
Uzvadd fankarunkcheak fuddarar…………}2

Repeat….Surngar ankvarponnacho

Nourea okleak ditana ath,
Ugddasan Jesu lagim mag
Tujea magoneachi sorgar zateli zap,
Polletolo Jesu ani tumkam Bap…}…2

Satvo sacrament sorginchem daiz
Bitor sorta oklam noureancho maz
Tho vortouta fudaracho bhag
Jezu tanche ekvottar besanv ghal, dekun tanche ekvotta besanv ghal……2

6. KAZARACHEM JEVONN RANDTANAZoti Polloi Volloi tarya mama, nhoim gha tuji bhorlea
Bollsar zaio zuio ful’leat ani novro senhor amcho….2

Ruchik maka pipitamchi, irmanvank boronvche chitti
Tikett kaddun vimamchi dogaim boson yeumchim …..2

Fulam bitor fulu, ful ga perpetachem, ….2
Bhurgem respetachem, bhurgem respetachem, nonond bai gho amchem…2

Ailim poilim thoddim, kharvean marlea mori…..2
Kagta poros gori, kagta poros gori, vokol bai gho amchi…2

Gelim gelim eke bhagent, kadte kadtelim mhun fulam,
Tim fulam kaim fulonk na, oklek mavonku mevona na....}2

Gelim gelim eka dongrar, bosker bostelim mhun khodpar,
Tem khodop kaim sukona, Voklek bosonku mevonk na….}.2

7. BESSANV ( Parents Blessing the bride ) M= Maim P= Pai

M: Aiz tujea kazaracho dis, bhair sorlaim zoddumcheak sangat,
Dev zanna kiteak mhunn aiz dhuve, bessanv diunk uklona ath,
P: Xekin tho lagim paulo dis, soddumcheak maim paicho tum sath,
Uzvadd hea gharacho aiz unno zalo, tumch asli mogachi vatt

M: Phatt amkam korun, maim paichem ghor soddun, dilelea gharan rau,
Doth dennim diunk na pun, gheun vetai bore ghunn, respet tuzo sambau,
P: Porsantlem amchea ful, bosonk diunk na dull, hem ful tum sodanch mau,
Bhangar diunk na khorem, pun xinkoilem borem, vaitt boro kaddunk thau.

M: Gharan zomo sezareancho, bessanv diunk aileat bhoinni bhav,
Maim paichem ghor tuka aiz porkem zalem, dilelea gharan sukhan rav,
P: Ghovachem ghor ghunnanim bhor, familik tache sodanch pav,
Xegunnachi khalti tum sun zaun, amkaim tum add borem nanv

M: Ghovagher tum okol, chol man ghalun sokol, ghorchea kaman ath ghal
Potichi gharan main, tika dukh dinaka kaim, tichem zaunk dinakai vall
P: Vaitt borem sodanch sons, thond korchi kaiem ghons, vo ragan tambde ghal
Amche mogall dhuve bai, tujem naka amkam kaim, amcho respetuch samball

M: Goddial pollovun maim ani pai, nid poddonk na sokall pasun
Dovem nesson tum dhuve resperak, gharantlem bhair sortai mhunn
P: Kallzam him kiteak dolldolli, amkam khobor nasli azun,
Bessanv amchem Dev tuka feliz dovrum, ani korunk bori sun

M: Tras podlear tuka sonsun piye dukham, konnak sangonkai,
Ghov ragan marit mhunn, vo kallzan chiddi ghutt, varear ghalinakai,
P: Gharant aslear kestanv, korunk tumchem rozanv, amkam apoinakai,
Dukh kallzan tuji roi, ankam sodanch boroi, anv sukhi assa pai.

(New Bride – Blessing the bride )
Xinkoin bori dekh rit lissanv, khoxen diun tuka bessanv….2
Maim pai tuka kortat kazaru, kortat kazaru, Moddgonv bai Concessanv…2

Novi dekun tum okolu, chol bai man ghalun sokolu…2
Ghovagher bitor sortana, bitor sortana, uzvem ghal pamvolu…2

Borem tem vinchun sodun kadd, moi-mogan ghovak tujea vadd…2
Monan mat tanniom addun nath, fuddark ghalxi padd…2

Achea tachea bonvon gharan, kestanv addinkai gharan…2
Sasumaink vaddent bonvon kexi bhair songonk diunakai karan…2

Sasu uklit thond gorom un, maim tem anv ukollta mhunn….2
Magir thi ganvan sangteli, khoxen sangteli, bhangar mhunn moji sunn…2

Tem tujem ghor morosor, maim-paichim utram niall kor …}
Vaitt borem kallzan chirdun dhor, ghor tujem sukhan bhor…}.2

Avoi putak korxi doxi, sasu maimcheo sangon kexi….2
Zantti mhunnon kadlear paciens, kadlear paciens fuddarak sukh bogxi…2

Gharant assa dher ani zav, tanche borim moi mogan rav…2
Dukh sukh gorchem vantun tum jie, vantun tum jie, vaitt boreak tanche pau….2

Xekim eok tho dis udetelo, kankna churo athin vaztolo,
Gunnacho sadd kanar podtolo, ganvant tho gaztolo voi gavan tho gaztolo…}.2


Kai borem nanv tujem flora,
Bardezant ganv tuzo Arpora.
Mai pai tuka kortat kazaru, kortat kazaru, Saxtint rai Ambora …2

Novi dekun tum okolu,
Man ghalun chol gho tum sokolu
Noureager bhitor sortana, bhitor sortana uzvem ghal pamvlu...2

Maim gharant korta zalear kamu,
Maim tem anv kortam mhunn sangu
Magir ti ganvant sangteli, ganvant sangteli bori mhunnon sunnu - 2

Maim tuka korta zalear doxi,
Ghovak sangonakai kexi
Sodanch tum kadd gho pasiens kadd gho pasiens fuddarak borem bhogxi...2

Ghovachi mai assot tor gharan,
Chodd bonvonkai lokalea dharan
Na tor tujeo kexi thi sangot, kexi ti sangot, bhonvon akhea vaddean...2

Sogleank diun borem utoru,
Kor tuzo boro ghor sonvsaru
Choll antam zau go toiaru zau gho toiar voronk yetolem motoru....2

After the nuptials as the couple enters the Grooms house )
Noman Bapak Noman Putrak, Devak argam daddia
Eilo eilo eilo amcho vhoru bitor kaddia……}..2

Soireank poili sontri daddun mogan apoun addia
Vhor vegin bittor kaddun, almoos rokdench vaddia..}..2

Deva samkar altara mukhar zoddiek ubi korya,
Noman Bapak, Noman Putrak, argam ami dium-ya….}..2

Dev Bapacho, maim mogacho adhar magon gheum-ya,
Vhor bitor kaddun, soireank license ami dium-ya….}…2


Okol novreachea sangatak ghorant ubo vhoru
Sasumai bessanv dita tem pounk bhorla soglem xeru…}2

Sausmain oklek bessanv dilam vengen voddun aro,
Sasnak okle tikann tujem hem ghovachem ghoro…}2

Okol novreachea sangatak ghorant ubo vhoru,
Sasupai bessanv dita tem pounk bhorla soglem xeru…}2

Saspain bessanv dilam vegen voddun aro,
Sasnak okle tikann tujem hem ghovachem ghoro..}2

Okol novreachea sangatak ghorant ubo vhoru,
Dheran bessanv dita tem pounk bhorla soglem xeru…}2

Dheran oklek bessanv dilam vengen voddun aro,
Sasnak okle tikann tujem hem ghovachem ghoro..}2

Okol novreachea sangatak ghorant ubo vhoru,
Nonond bessanv dita tem pounk bhorla soglem xeru…}2

Nonden oklek bessanv dilam vengen voddun aro,
Sasnak okle tikann tujem hem ghovachem ghoro…}2


(Zoti – As the couple enters the Brides place- 2nd day )
Noman noman bapa, noman noman Putra,
Ailelea vor'rak bitor kaddat, ailelea vor'rak bitor kaddat

Ailo amcho vor'ru, ailo amcho vor'ru,
Ailelea vor'rak bitor kaddat, ailelea vor'rak bitor kaddat

Poili sontri dhaddat, soireank apoun addat ..
Ailelea vor'rak bitor kaddat, ailelea vor'rak bitor kaddat

Noman noman bapa, amchea ghara voiru,
Kitle aileat mud'de, noveam soireanche

Ailelea vor'rak bitor kaddat, ailelea vor'rak bitor kaddat
Ramponn moti lailea, rampnik mevlim sungttam,
licence ditam tukam, novea soireanku,
Ailelea vor'rak bitor kaddat, ailelea vor;rak bitor kaddat


Okol novro vorticho, boro meula vor'ru
Mogache sasumaim bhair sor bessanv diumcheaku...2

Sasumain novreak bessanv dilam tankta the bhaxenu,
Ghe re novrea mandun ghe sasumai dekunu...2

Okol novro vorticho, boro meula vor'ru
Mogachea sasupai bhair sor bessanv diumcheaku...2

Saspain novreak bessanv dilam tankta the bhaxenu,
Ghe re novrea mandun ghe saspai dekunu

13. BESSANV PODDOM ( Raising the toast )

Uddon gelem parveamchem bhirem,
Modem pavon fiskontonu gelem...2

Bessanv tumcher poddom re....poddom re
Bessanv tumcher poddom re....poddom re
Sorginchea Deva Bapachem

Repeat Udon gelem..... Bessanv tumcher.......

Viva Re Viva, Viva Viva, Viva re Viva, Viva viva
Viva marum-ya
Okoll nourechi saude korumya.

14. SAUDECHEM KANTAR ( For Anniversary/toast - Jacinto Vaz)

Saude: Aiz zodlo tumi kazaracho satvo sakrament. Ami sogle
anvdetam tumkam borem jivit hea sonvsaran ani lamb auk sodankal moro porean.

Aiz dis vortouta vhodda sontosacho,
Senhor nourea okle, tumchea kazaracho,
Padrin estolan bandun ekvott kello fudaracho
Ho ekvott sodamkal samballcho,

Ami khuxeal zaleanv kallzan than,
Besanv ghalchem tumcher deva bapan,
Ami magtaum amchem rezaran,
Borem jivit sarunk hea sonvsaran.

Nodor marit zalear, tumche fatlea jivitar
Aiz devanchem besanv tumche ekvottar
Onodan anj bodve gaiana korta sorgar
Jurment tumi dilo deva mukhar.

Aiche disak kedi khuxealkai
Dogaimni mogan tumi cholonk zai
Toxinch tumkam sangtam okol Bai,
Ghovachea utra voir cholonacai.


Aiz dis tumkam vhodd khuxealkaiecho,
Zodlo mhunn sakrament kazaracho,
Padrin ekvott kelo don kalzamcho,
Diun ashirvad tumkam dev bapacho,

Urbe von bhorleant voi kallzam sogleamchim
Daddoxi kalzam avoi bapachim
Choddkorun tim mona bhav bhoinnachim
Chintnam duboll zalim mhunn tumchim

Repeat Aiz dis...

Main pain zaitech kelet sakrifis,
Jeunk nesunk diunk na punn dilea nit
Voir soklek diun khandar khuris
Aiz favo zallo tumkam kazarcho dis

Kazar mhunnta tem painem sukhachem,
Kednai chukon yeta dukhachem,
Vaitt borem tumi don pautt chintchem,
Ragan rauchem nhoi, mogan bonvchem,

Falem tumkam soireank jevon, appono ietlo ghara...4

Sannam keleam rosachim, dukor marla osacho....2

Zanvuim ietolo mhunn sasumain tolgam poxileam.....2

Eke kombiechem bara tantiam, tera kadleam pilam....2

Ya ya maya eio ya ya maya ieo, ya ya maya eio...

16. MAVODDO - Inlaws' place..sung when the groom goes to the
inlaws' place.. also known as "Portonnem"
Nourea fullon sontrechi sau, pavonk eilea tuje gaum-bhau....2

Kai bori noxiban tujea, vokol zali fav, mavoddea susegad rau....2

Ganvant tum mhunn boro cheddo, cheddvam tuka poitoch moddo…2
Boro soddun kadloi mavoddo...boro soddun kadloi mavoddo….2

Mavoddche dis tum novrea, asloi mezun, sasumain toyar dovorlea, vodde bazun,
Moi mogan bonvloi novrea azun passun, dekun tuka mavodde vortanv ghumtam vazun,

Ektaim zaun gaumche chedde, pavonk aileat zaite dedde......2
Tumchem khuxeal asoncheak parveamchem zoddem, magtam Deva kodde.....2

Okol ganvan Moddgomvchi, sun bai aiz than Chinchonechi
Voni zali teg zann dheramchi.....2

Mavoddea tum sodanch novrea khuxeal dis sar, sobit tuka devan meunneo dilea chear
Kunheadak toear dovorla fulamcho har, Moi mogan mavoddea ravon khub mouza mar

Novro murgotta aiz khoxen, vo dis pollounk raulo axen.....2
Tache gallamcher purzoll aiz dusreach bhaxen, kismis koxem doxen....2

Sasu novrea dista nennti, chukon tika mhunnxi anti,
Mogan pettoi tupachi ponti..Mogan pettoi tupachi ponti,

Mel'lea soirank daireank tumche, magon rozar, jivak borem magon gheumia ekach mezar
Amig, soire, ghav-bhav pavon, soglem kazar, oslem sukh konnak mevona moddlear ozar

Nourea fullon sontrechi sau, pavonk eilea tujea ganv-bhav....2
Kai bori noxiban tujea vokol zali fav, mavoddea susegad rau....2


Sakrament zodlo, ekvott aiz ghodlo, kallzam guntlim dogaimchim,
Adarak marlo, sukh sontos vodlo, sodanch mogan jieumchim,
Ch: Eka mekak loztaleanv, pois ravon anstaleanv,
Vegim ami ektaim zaunk axetaleanv.....2

Voddem hem taniya, toddik voria, ekvottan volle marun,
Visvasan cholea, zodmoll sonxia, Devacher bhavart dorun,
Ch: Eka mekak loztaleanv, pois ravon anstaleanv,
Vegim ami ektaim zaunk axetaleanv.....2

Anj bodve sorgar, neketram mollbar, vaddoita taichi sobai,
Motiamcho surgar, dogaimchea kallzar, morom sor samballunk zai
Ch: Eka mekak loztaleanv, pois ravon anstaleanv,
Vegim ami ektaim zaunk axetaleanv.....
Xerkani poi gunter kela, tantiam ghalcho vell zala....2

Tantiam kaddlim korachim, pilam kadlim morachim....2

Xerkani poi gunter kela, tantiam ghalcho vell zala....2

Kaddunk gelear chonchunk ieta, pille gunterant jemeta...2

Xerkani poi gunter kela, tantiam ghalcho vell zala....2

18. SAUDICHEM KANTARWhile raising the toast

Devan maka uzvaddachi ponti dili,
Otra vorsam apurbai tuji keli,
Orthant amchea ekuch ful'leli dhali,
Novrean tujea vinchun kaddun vheli.....

Mogan tumi poddon re, kazar tumi zalim re
Devachem besanv tumcher poddom re.....Repeat Mogan.....

19. KAZARACHO WISH By Purple Rain

Eka mekak ami meulim, kednanch chintinastanam,

Nodrek nodor amchi podttoch, monan guspolim chintnam,
Dislem eka-meka pasot Devan rochleaim mhunn amkam,
Satvo sakrament aiz zoddun purim zalim sopnam.

Dogaimcho ekvott amcho zaunk nirmilelem Devan,
Dis mhoine vorsam ravlim, mog amcho dovrun kallzan,
Sukhan dukhan vantto gheumcho upraslear kedem vhodd tufan,
Hathak hath diun bonvchim dogaim sodancal ami sangatan.

Dogaim eka-mekak bhass diun, tumi visvasan ravlim,
Eka mekacher visvas dovrun, aiz passun mogan bonvlim,
Doxim aslim tumchim kallzam, aiz ekameka meulim,
Xekim chintlelim tumchim chintnam, semprak ek zaunk paulim.

Igorjen dogaini tumi satvo sakrament aiz zodlo
Deva mukar jurament diun, padrin tumcho ekvott ghodlo
Dogaimchea jivitan tumchea dis aiz vortoulo vhodlo
Igorjeche bookar tumcho contrad sasank boroun urlo

Ekvottan ravon tumi Deva mukar aikolem mis,
Jivitan tumchea vortoulo khuxealkaiecho aizcho dis,
Eka mekak adar diun korat mogacho sakrifis,
Khoxen boron dogaimkui tumkam purple rain aiz korta wish,

Ekvottan ravon tumi Deva mukar aikolem mis,
Jivitan tumchea vortoulo khuxealkaiecho aizcho dis,
Eka mekak adar diun, korat mogacho sakrifis,
Khoxen boron dogaimkui tumkam purple rain aiz korta wish,
Khoxen boron dogaimkui tumkam purple rain aiz korta wiiiiiiiish.

Seby Fernandes
Sodanch axen ami ravtalim,dis ho yevunk aicho,
Toximch Deva lagim magtalim, ekvott zavunk amcho.
Sodanch monan amchea urtolo ugddass aichea disacho,
Igorjechea bukar boroila kontrad sasnacho.

Poilinch ekamekak mevlim,
Zaito temp niz mogan bonvlim,
Eka mekak visvaxi ravlim,
Aiz ek zavunk pavlim...repeat Poilinch ekameka mevlim

Sodanch axen ami ravtalim,
Dis ho yevunk aicho,
Toximch Deva lagim magtalim ekvott zavunk amcho,
Sodanch monan amchea urtolo ugddass aichea disacho,
Igorjechea bukar boroila kontrad sasnacho.

Poilinch ekamekak mevlim,
Zaito temp niz mogan bonvlim,
Eka mekak visvaxi ravlim,
Aiz ek zavunk pavlim...repeat

21. SAUDE - By Ivor D'Cunha (added 8/6/2010)

Kedo vhoddlo dis aiz khoxecho,
Ekvott zalo dogaimcho,
Khoxi zalo, jiv vho amcho

Aiz jiv khuxen bhorta, polleun tumkam
Ekttaim zalim aiz don tumchim kallzam

Lognacho sakrament zoddun tumi
Ek kelim don kallzam tumchim
Sodanch khuxeal assonk magtam

Hathak hath dhorun, oxinch sodanch bhonvchim
Mog tumcho sodanch fulom fulam porim
Sukhant Dukhant vantto gheun tumi
Jivit sarchem khuxeal porim, sodanch khuxal tumi rauchim

Kantar mhunnon mojem, saude tumchi anv kortam,
Sodanch khuxeal assonk tumchea passot magtam,
Soirim famil ekttaim zaun, khuxen sogott bhortam
Glass dhorun viva mhunntam

Resperachem neson, sobit dista
Athak tumi dhortoch, zoddem sobta
Sodanch khuxeal oxim assonk tumi, sogott ami axeta
Kedi vhodli khuxi bhogta.

Monday, 18 February 2013

Lorna Songs Lyrics

TUZO Hath Goan Konkani Devotional Songs -Lorna Cordeiro – Somiak Dinvasumya

Tuzo hath Jezu,
Mojea hathan tum di,
Tujea sangatan, maka cholonk di,
Tuzo chakor koso tujexim yeum di
Tujea gopant thoimsor sodamkall assondi

Tujea visvassan aiz ami asanv,
Tuji vatt polloun, urben ami bhortanv,
Jivo Jezu tum,
Amcho mog kortai,
Tuje patki Rochnnek mogan vaddoitai

Doyall Bapa,
Tujich mozoth magtam,
Tujea Povitr hathmeak, pollounk axetam,
Teach Povitr hathmeacho, adar magtam,
Jezucheach nanvan tuka dinvastam.

Tujea visvassan aiz ami assanv
Tuji vatt polloun, urben ami bhortanv
Jivo Jezu tum,
Amcho mog kortai,
Tuje patki Rochnnek mogan vaddoitai

Tukach pollounk anv,
Mogan axetam,
Hea sonvsarchi axea, billkul na maka,
Tuje vinnem jivitak mojea kosloch adar na
Taro tum Otmeacho axeon rautam tuka

Tujea visvassan aiz ami assanv
Tuji vatt polloun, urben ami bhortanv

ABGHAT - LornaSonvsarantle dis kaddlet roddon,
Bhurgeachponnar sukh gelem uddon
Kitem anvem kelem re mogan poddon
Chintunk naslelem ailem ghodon
Jiv anvem dilo doriant buddon
Kitem anvem kelem re mogan poddon.

Kednach chintunk naslem, maka goddot mhunn oslem,
Fottkirea mog tuzo korun anvem sasnak anv foslem,
Kalliz tujem koslem, mojem sukh tumven laslem,
Dusreak korinkai fottkirponn tumvem maka kelaim toslem.

Mhunnoi maka tum mojea sukha,
Tujea bogor konn dusrem naka,
Kazar tum zaloi re sandun maka,
Ugdass mozo tum visro naka,
Visorlim mhunn anv sozmonaka,
Azun anv rautam re fondant tuka,

Mog kelo re zaddani, ami boson maddanim
Mogacheo chitteo daddleo re maka borun carddanim
Sanglem maka paddani, tuka nadlo mhunn nadanim
Azun pasun mog tuzo assa re boron addanim

Fondan ravon ho martam ulo,
Koso zait tum ingrat zalo,
Kallzak mojea toploi re dukacho balo,
Kiteak mhunnon ho abgat kelo,
Kazar zata mhunn borvanso dilo,
Sontos mojea kallzacho re dusrean velo,

Utor tunvem moddlem ani dusreachem ghor ghodlem
Kazar zaloi tum mhunn aikon dukani anv roddlem
Sogllem anvem soddlem, mathui chintunk nam fuddlem
Mogak tujea lagon anvem fondant yeumchem poddlem.

02. ABORTION – Lorna & Lawrence de Tiracol

M: Modianicho darar polloun roddto rupkar tuzo,
Bion kallzak bhoinni petlo uzo
F: Bhurgem di mhunn bhava anv Deva lagim zuzo
Kunhead tuzo chinta ghath gheunk mozo
Bhurgem di mhunnon magnem kortalim roddon
Deva kusvear hea ghal mhunnon bessanv
Antam bessanv ghaltoch Devan mon koddu kelem mojea ghovan
noko koslem tacher boslam nassanv
M: Bhoini moje tum susegad rav, tuka adhar ditolo bhav
Dev xinkoitolo tujea ghorkarak lissanv
Taka khoxi na mhunn pai zaupachi, tannem krim kelea tea bhurgeachi
Gheun bonvtolo xirapamchem pessanv

F: Dher ani sasumaim, potichea sangatak mevon
Ghat mozo gheunk chintat bhavak ravon
M: Krim kednach bogsona buzta ravon na tor pavon
Zaite mel'lea toxe bhixanear lovon
F: Poti yetoch pion, mozo jiv veta bion, maka dis rath tho marta fontani
Abortion kor mhunnta maka, itle vegim bhurgem apnak naka
Mhunnon pott mojem topta bottani
M: Bhurghem Devagelem dennem, nasleleamchem poichem tannem
Bhurgeak axen babdim roddta lottanim
Xinvraitana Dev apli thoya, kedna korchi nhoi tachi dhoya
Innocent bhurgim marun pottani

F: Jivak khevon bhava, mojea bhurgeak raktelim anv
Konnak bionchi na zata tem poi zanv
M: Akantachea vellar bhonini saibinn ghalta bessaum
Patok adarnaka samball tujem nanv
F:Vengen ye dorun hem pott mojem marun
Zolman addtlim bhurgem mojem
Potin chintlear tuzo gheunk gath
Bhoinni anv tuca ditolo sath, hem foronn zait devachem
F: Sasumaim main marlear gharan
M: Tikk martolom anv faran, kontan sambautolo bhoini bhurgem anv
tujem marunk krim podvi diunk na devan
tuka bott passun lailer ghovan, tachem bhor upaitolom ghor anv tachem

03. ADIEUS - Lorna

Uloilelim utram monantuch uron
Udkache porim to mog mozo gelo vanvon
Tetir zalim tednam, sonvsar ossoch soron
Tuzo mog kallzant mojea astolo boron

Kainch uloinastanam tum koddsorloi
Adeus passun korunk tum vissorloi
Nirmoll kallzak mojea tunvem toplei kantte
Kiteak mhunnon Deva amche kele vantte.

Poilo mog khoro tor, tum danvon ye
Sogllem bogxitelim, yeun vengen ghe
Porvanam visorlear, oshinch dukam golloun
Morom passun tuji, rautelim vatt polloun


Devache kaide sodanch pallunk ami zaye
Pelleachi khoim dusmankai kori naye
Borea ghorachea kednach foddche nhoim noye
Antun gomta tache futtleat mhunn doye

Amche moddem heo vostu choddxeo ghoddta
Choddti val choddonk pavona rokdich moddta
Aikon osli khobor kalliz mojem roddta
Goemkar akach lagon sokla poddta

Borea bhaxen aikat hi ghodleli ghoddnim,
Konnak mista moji nirdukai chodli,
Dukest ghoddnim hi gelea vorsa ghoddli
Anv melem mhunn sogleak khobor poddli

Chintlear hem dista maka ek umannem
Anv melem mhunn fokot takach sanglem konnem
Kiteak osli khobor ghatli zait tannem
Dev bhogsum taka, tho gineanan unnem

Devan sanglam ek dis ujeacho yetolo varo
Sogllo sonvsar khoim zatalo churo
Aik re khobramkara tum zai nakai bhero
Sonvsarant tum ekloch urlear puro.

Kednach katorchi nhoi re, bori val thi choddti
Devachea mukar duimchi poddteli zoddti
Dusreachem padd galpachem hem borem noi noddti
Chodd borem bik mag, chodd borem bik mag, chodd borem bik mag athant gheun kotti


Jivitan, bavtto ublo ek kavo,
Devan nirmilam zalear, sukh dukh zata tem favo,
Devacher ami visvass dovrunk zavo,
Avaz mozo kanar tumchea saddounk ixttani ravo,
Portun aikat mozo tavo,

Noxibacher, anvem korunk nam tho xinn,
Devachi khoxi tum kor, Devan dilea amkam jinn,
Farikponn, tuje chukichem tem rinn,
Ugddass dovor, kaim zai nezo, rochnara Deva vinn
Jivit di tache athinn.

Mottlobi, sonvsar ixtta chotur rav
Dusmankai pois korun, peleak gorjek akantak pav,
Moi mogan, sogleam thaim moipaxi zav,
Kedinch ixtta, darunaye kallzak ghali naka ghav,
Sasnnak urteli mav.


Hello.... How are you?...You love me?

Pollounk distai boro, asai mure goro,
Mozo mog aslear khoro, matxe yeo re aro
Are sogllem ghalun poro, hem kalliz mojem tuka voro

Tuka loz dista....hahahahahaha

Lozonakai sang re maka nanv tujem kitem poi tem
Bienakai duddvam pasot, bhangar assa zaitem,
Despez tuka kaim aschonam, soglem mevtolem aitem,
Aichean mojem kalliz voron, ord'deak tujea lai tem.

Dant dakoitai arxe, dolle tuje garxe
Kiteak kortai tirxe, voitai dista merxe,
Tumi kens dovrun te vorxe, pollunk distat burxe

Tuka rag ailo......hahahha

Utor maka dhi re mozo asa zalear mogu,
Thond kiteak kaiem kelam aila mista ragu,
Moje osli okol mevonk zaiem tuka bagu,
Kiteak re martai bestech bailam bhaxen lagu.

Borea bhaxen rauxi, bangarache laddu khauxi,
Dusri okol gauxi, maka sandun pouxi,
Arey kazar mojea lagim zauxi, Amerikak pauxi.


Don moje lagim motor assa, tantun ami bonvchim,
Gharant ami randchim nhoim re, hotelanim jeuchim,
Swimming poolant udki marun, udok ami nauchim,
Anga ami rauchim nhoim re, moonant vocon rauchim.

07. ANKWARPONN - Lorna

Chintinastanam ami eka mekak mevlim,
Sabar vorsam passun moi mogan bonvlim,
Dis sumanam moine vorsam rokdinch tim povlim,
Mogachim utram tujim kallzant ravlim.

Mog tuzo korun guneav zalo mozo,
Ghat gheun jivitak mojea lailoi uzo,
Noxibak roddtam fuddar chinti nozo,
Punn mojean visronk zainam mog tho tuzo.

Mogall utranim maka, tum sozmaitalo,
Kednaim ragan bhoron maka uloitalo,
Chavon anv ravon zalear, mogan uloitalo,
Moskoryeo mojeo korun maka chavoitalo.

Sukh tunvem voron, dukh maka dilem,
Dusmanan fottounk nam maka, tunvem fottoilem,
Fottkiro mog korun, maka buloilem,
Fulltelea jivitachem ful, mojem pissudlem.

Kednanch anvem chintunk nam, korxi mhunn tum oxem,
Fottkirim sopnam dakoun, maka lailoi pixem,
Konnachench aikonk nam anvem, kelem maka zalem zai toxem,
Nindtanam tuzo ugddas korun, pinztam uxem

Kitem tuka meulem, korun ghatkeponn,
Zaite noure sangot maka kazar zata mhunn aponn,
Churchure moje antam korinam konn,
Tunvem dil’lem gheun bonvtam hem ankwarponn.

08. BEBDO - Lorna

Noxib mojem koslem, kednach chintunk naslem,
Konnak di naka gha saiba, maka bhoglam toslem,
Ghov maka meula bebdo saiba, kazar zaun foslem,

Magir tho kitem mhunnta zannam....... Hmmmmmmm
Ch: Yeo baile yeo, Soro maka zai poilo .............}
Soro maka dinam zalear tuzo foddtolom toklo...}...2

Bebdo zalo koslo, poilo boro aslo,
Koslo mhunnon denvchar saiba, yeun tachear boslo
Soro pion ek dis mozo, khoddo passun taslo,

Magir tanem kitem mhunntlem zannam, hmmmmm
Repeat Ch: Yeo baile Yeo..soro maka zai poilo...2

Chintlear sonsunk nezo, fuddar kitem mozo,
Chintun mojea ghorkarachem, piddear zalo bezo
Soreak lagon bebdeani re, ghorak lailo uzo.

Magir te kitem mhunntat zanaim, ...hmmmmm
Repeat Ch: Yeo baile Yeo...soro maka zai poilo...2

09. BHAU-BHOINN - Lorna & Seby

F: Khaxea rogtacho, tum mhunn bhau mozo, mellonk aileam tukam,
Aiz anv tumguer yeun, tuzo bonglo poun, khoxi bogli makam,
M: Mojer ghatlem un, Kunyead kopit mhunn, bhoinni tuka futtlim pakam,
Distoch bhau tuzo, tum vonkoi uzo, aiz roddtai dukham,

F: Ghatki tea somdiran, kunyead somplo tuzo,
Famil konn lekinam, kitem fuddar mozo.
M: Sukti bhorti asta, konem visrom nezo,
Tuen dil'le zau, na pekona mau, gavo assa tazo.

F: Zalem poi tem zanv, payem poddta anv, dimiecher poddon,
Duddvamche urben aiz gatlem lojen, mijeas makam choddon,
M: Zuzzon ghetloi doth, kalliz korun ghott, tujea gorib bhavak noddon,
Ghor vikkun mojem, pott bhorlem tujem, dis kadle dorron.

F: Sintid zatam bhava, maim amchi sompli mhunn,
Sodanch axetali, dhuv zavunk bori sun
M: Moddear tichea eunk naim, vhodlem girest mhunn apun
Chintun meli maim, dhuvek apnem xinkounknam mhunn bore gun

F: Sonvsar aiz koddu, kitle zait duddu mezle bottanim
Bhava upkar kor, don pun ozar dhor, mojea athanim
M: Voitanam Dubai paimxim rupya bai, maglear marloloi fontanim
Kiteak Dev zannam, tuji fontt manam dista sopnanim

F: Bhacho tuzo mhunnom, mummy tukam hem fau
Koslem tond ghevun tum, vetai mamak diunk zau
M; Bhachea-cho moipass poun, mhunntam amguer eun rau
Girest zatoch Bhoinn Bhavak visorli, Bhoinnik visronk na bhau.


Boa Noite meu amor,
I was so happy dancing with you, I really mean it,
Boa Noite meu amor,
I was so lucky to hold you tight, the whole night through,
The night was a lovely night,
You said you loved me but we will part within a day,
Now everything is over, we may not see each other forever,
If you love me I wish you boa noite meu amor.

Boa noite meu amor,
Khoxen anv bhorlim, urben anv nachlim, pott boromsor,
Boa noite,meu amor
Ugddas vechonam, aizchea raticho anv moromsor,
Ti rath, koxechi rath, mogan uloilim, anv tujea vengen assomsor,
Ekech rathicho mog, kednaim meuchim noxib assot tor,
Antam vetam mhunnon adeus, Boa nuite meu amor,
Boa Noite meu Amor.

11. BOREM KELEAR - Lorna

Borem kelear jivitan borem meutolem,
Vaitt kelear fuddarak vaitt zatelem,
Borem kelelem borem Devak pautelem,
Vaitt kelolem vaitt farikponn ditelem

Fulam roixi jivit bhor fulam mavtolo,
Kantte roilear sodamkal kantte niutolo,
Borea rostean vexi bore zage bonvtolo,
Vaitt rostean gelear vaitt zagear pautolo,

Borem korxi, tor ugddas kortolo pelo
Melear mhunnot boro munis moron gelo,
Zor dusreank nagon aponn girest zalo,
Melear mhunntele melo to boro melo

Peleak borem kelear vaitt tujem zauchemnam,
Dilolem dobrandan meulear bogor rauchemnam
Peleak dukhoit tor konnak sukh meuchemnam
Vaitt korxi tor konn borem bhogunk pauchem nam

Borem kelear jivitan feliz astolo,
Vaitt kelear jivit bor koxtt sonstolo,
Peleak buzvonn divxi, Dev dukham pustolo,
Dusreank roddoixi ek dis roddonk bostolo

Melea uprant zoddtecho dis to yetolo,
Borem vaitt kelam tachem Dev kont ghetolo,
Borem kelear sorg tuka ugto zatolo,
Vaitt kelam tor somptoch infernant vetolo
Vaitt kelam tor somptoch infernant vetolo....

12. CALANGUTE - Lorna

Khuxealponn diunk, jivak purem,
Mudans korunk zai, zalear borem,
Maiyachea mhoineant, lokachem bhirem,
Kongottche prayer, thonddgar varem.

Ch: Lok thoimsor anson, khellon udtta,
Sukhnim doriachea lharar bhuddta,
Kharvi sokallchi ramponn voddta,
Bhurgim matiechim ghoram ghoddta.

Kitlem sobit tum, Goa amchem,
Noketr vortouta, touristamchem
Satisfasanv tum, Goemkaramchem
Sonvsarak famad nanv kongottchem

Repeat Ch...Lok thoimsor anson....ah ah ah

Bhailea ganvcho lok, pollunk yeta,
Polloun Calangute, khoxi zata,
Vhoddlo abru man, tuka dita,
Khuxealborit zaun, ghara veta.

Repeat Ch: Lok thoimsor anson....ah ah ah


Tujim sopnam anv sopnetalim,
Kazar zaunk axetalim,
Sopnam aiz mojim purim zalim,
Devan ankam sasnak ek kelim,

Aiz than tum poti zalo mozo,
Sasnak mog kortelim tuzo,
Ghor dhoxim zata laglear uzo,
Punn amkam doxim kori nozo.....Repeat aiz than

Sodanch tujea gopant bostelim,
Vaitt boreak sangatan astelim,
Jivitantlem sukh-dukh sonstelim,
Sodanch tujea mogan lastelim.

Aiz than tum poti zalo mozo,
Sasnak mog kortelim tuzo,
Ghor dhoxim zata laglear uzo,
Punn amkam doxim kori nozo.....Repeat aiz than

Hea disa poti anv axen ravo,
Devan tuka maka favo,
Pettoun amchea mogacho divo,
Ghorabo ghoddumyea novo

Aiz than tum poti zalo mozo,
Sasnak mog kortelim tuzo,
Ghor dhoxim zata laglear uzo,
Punn amkam doxim kori nozo.....Repeat aiz than


Munxeachem jivit barik chintit tor ek sopon
Vaitt borem kortubamchem sogleank diunk zai farikponn
Duddu aslearuch munxea sonvsarant nhoim tujem vhoddponn
Munis vhoddponn zoddta focot kalltiponnan ravon

Khallti munis mevonk sonvsarant, bhavani chodd kottin
Aplea faidean dusreank fottoitat, aplem kam zai sor duddu diun
Adleamchi mhunni assa falem zai nezo mhunon ekech ratin...}
Dekun konn boro kon vaitt chintunk zai motin.....................}.2

Duddu aslearuch tujea akantak konnui pavot
Duddu asso pasun tujea tondan sakor ti poddot
Soirim sezarim lagim zatat duddvani tum borot
Sezari soirim pois zatat duddu tuje sompot

Duddu aslear tuka vhodlo man, na thor tuka konn lekinam
Sonvsar mhunnta duddvamcher cholta, duddu na tor munxeak valor na
Sonvsarant mouza martoloi munxea tum duddu astana...}
Kednaim niall kor mortoch duddu sangath dina.................}..2

Zaite duddu tunvem zoddlear munxea tantun vaittnam
Punn zanna zau duddu astoch mijeas korunk ti zainam
Todde chintat duddvani bhoron aple oslo konnnam
Thoddeank thaim duddu assa punn gharan suseg nam

Duddvani tum sukh soglem gheit sovostkai vinkti gheunk zaina
Sovostkai focot Jezu thaim mevta, sonvsarant fuim soddlear meuchi na
Sovastakai duddvani gheunk zaina tujea duddvank valor na..}
Duddvank nhoi Jezuk di valor sonvsarant astanam...............}2

15. ENGLISH LADY - Lorna

Bebdo korpak Luddin, mozo ghov meulo tukam,
Tujem koddem bhorlem, anv golloitam dukham,
Ugi anv raulim mhunn, tukam futtlim pakam,
Chirrun rechadd kortam, tum athik meu makam.

Ch: Barran tujea pion, ghov ghara korta addi,
Maka mhunnta Luddin, is English speaking lady,
Bebdeank nagounn bonvtai, tum gheun Maruti gaddi,
Agxe makam meu, tuji denvoitam saddi.

Sussegad ghov mozo, piye gharan bosson,
Atam soro pion tukam bosta tenkon,
Dadlenk tum buloitai khoim ghadiemcher vochon,
Tujeam lagank bullon, mozo ghov gelo fosson.

Ch: Ghara etoch maka mhunnta lagim eun boss,
Luddin dosson bosta, toxem tunvuim makam doss,
Rokdoch niddta tumguer, mista devoun eta voss,
Tujea barrak profit ani mojea gharak loss.

Tujeach barrak pankla to kobul na soddunk,
Tum khoim taka pengtak ath ditai voddunk,
Garran domdi dinam, bazzar passun addunk,
Tujea barran fulta rokdoch duddu moddunk

Ch: Chevriskann anv Agxe, vollkota soglo ganv
Dukkor martat bhav moje, Kossai mozo manv
Soddtam tukam ami, bar bond korun mar gho danv
Chorob tuji katrun, Chevrisanim bhortam anv.


Fottkiri axea maka dakhoinaka
Kazar zatai mhunn bestoch fottoinaka
Nirmoll hea kallzak mojea dukhoinaka
Sodanch dovor motin korunk tuji potinn maka chukoinaka

Ugddas mozo boroi re bookar
Rupkar mozo khelloi dolleam mukar
Zorui tor dusrem anik konnui mevot
Goddiek tuka tem gopan dorun khevot
Auchit hi khobor mojea kanar pavot
Ful’lolo to mog lagon dukhacho dog vetolo re bavon

Sozmotam moga, tum add yeuchonam
Mojea oslo mog, tuka mevchonam
Dusreachea kallzan, kednach ravchonam
Romeo julietacho, mog passun re tancho amkam sor zaumchonam

Fottu tuzo pintarla motin
Axeun rauleam zaunk tuji potinn
Rozamchea zaddar moga marlear zompoi
Kantteank xirkoshi goddiek zait tum nokoi
Fokonnam korun maka kitloi dukoi
Punn korunk tuzo mog bailo lainakai rog focot makach apoi

17. GOA CANADA GOA - Lorna

Anv zolman Goemchem, Canada ghor mojem,
Sonvsarak pollounk poilim gelim Holland,
Thoimsor san Germany, France, Athens, Italy,
Uruguay, Paruguay Denmark and Polland
America, Mexico, Brazil-Argentina New Zealand
Malaysia, Indonesia, Hong-Kong Bangkok, Middle East - Thailand

Sonvsar bonvlim jetan goyeam ailim kontan,
sussegad zalinam khoimsoruch ravon
Goa sukh ditai makam, usketalim tukam,
poi goppan khevonk tujea aileam danvon
Amerika zaum khoimchoi ganv, khoxi zatam Goyeam anv pavon
Kevon doryean, laramcher jiv dadosta praemcher lovon

Tem Mandrem Arambol, sobit ganv Tiracol,
Morje zaitim toklim praecher danvtoch
Rau Baga Anjuna, nau doryan Caimsua,
Kalliz khoxen bhorlem Miramar pautoch
Dadoslim Calangute jevon Souza loboguer jevtoch
Candolim, Sequerim jiu sontoslo Donna Paul rautoch

Missak paulim Pillar, sobit ti Seminar,
thoimsor shanti mellon Jezu mhunntlem pau
Aguad ubim ravon, nodor Vasco pavon, kitlim min vortat doryean botimche dau
Cavelossim, Benaulim, foren turistanche lagtat vau
Old Goa ani Colva suropaecho mevonam thau

Goemche famad te ganv mapxeam Ponje Margao,
uskea vin tuven khoimcheai ganvan rauchem,
Pounk soddtai tor devlam, Sirganv, Borye, Kevleam, Madkai-Maddol,
Mangeshi, tuven paumchem
Ani Mayem pounk toyyem, mog kornarani jerul euchem
To sundor dudsagor tukam susseog mevosor nauchem.

Tem jevonn goemchem, kitem kha ruchichem,
ambott tik sodanch ugddas urta tukam
Xith Koddi pez sourak, Sorpatel and Urrak,
Feni Kaju forte, sang kon mhunnot nakam
Parra Bangde, sanna vodde, doss doddol, von bibik like makam
Goemcho moipass etoch ugdass, Canadak anv golloitam dukham.

18. GOA MEU AMOR - Lorna

Suskartam tuka anv Goa, kallzantlea soglea rongani,
Sobitai tuji zanvchinam, pintarunk sompea utrani,
Rupem bhangar doulot bhorlea, Goemchea sobit dongrani,
Prayeo tujeo aiz famad, Europi ganvani.

Poitoch tuka, Goa niuta bhuk,
Sobitaiecho, tum sundor rukh,
Goeam pautoch, visortam dukh,
Goemkarank tum, khub ditai sukh.

Pordesan Londonant ravon, Goa kortam tuka noman,
Maim dhesa sobitai tuji, chondrim tum porzolltai kupan,
Ugddas tuzo yetoch Goa, kallzant uprasta ek tufan,
Rath dis anv tujem chintam, danvon yeupak gopan.

Mevot anga, ruchi jevonn,
Mevot anga, doulout vhoddponn,
Tumcho moipass, tem daddosponn,
Mogall Goa, sang diit konn.

Sobit dongor dorya tujea, lok prayecher passoi marun,
Mog kornaram khuxeal zatat, ekamekak vengent dorun,
Xitt koddi, sorrak von tizon, Goemkar ruchin khatat korun,
Kazu foll feni urrak soireank dortam borun.

Goa meu amor zolmancho ganv,
Vhoddvik tuji porgottam anv,
Kallzan gonter korun tum rav,
Dis rath tondant khevom tujem nanv,


I always love you with all my heart
hope someday you love me too
Waiting to hold you and kiss you tight
hoping my dreams will come true

I am afraid some day you will leave me
Darling say the words that you will always love me
No one will love the way i do
Hoping my dreams will come true

20. JIVIT NOVEM - Lorna

Suru kortam dis, gheun Jezuchem nanv,
Bori rath sarun, ho dis pounk darun, Devachem besanv,
Mogan bhorlelem, tujem kurasanv,
Anv peleak bhogsunk, tancho mog korunk, Jezu di besanv.

Korunk anv patlau tuzo Jezu, Deu kurpen tum bor maka,
Hi kantteamchi vatt, korit maka gath, eklench sandnaka,
Jiber tujench nanv khellonk Jezu, hem praton anv kortam tukam,
Toyar anv dukh sonsunk, farikponn bhogunk, ani pionk dukham

Toyar assam anv, yeunk tuje sovem,
Sorgar rajeant tum, maka vor Jezu, jivit diun novem
Sonvsarant sandun, tem kortub kaiem
Anv sorgar yeunk, anvdettam Jezu jivit gheunk novem.

Kurpa dhi maka mojea Jezu, vaitt boreacho kaddun anv thau
Chuk zalear moji, saulli diun tuji, sodanch maka fau
Tannintle nivar maka Jezu, akantachea vellar sambau
Dusman chintlear gath, tum di maka sath, mozo rakonn tum zau
Mozo rakonn tum zau.

21.JIVO SANT - Lorna
Ghatki mornan paloili, nirmoll vath, amchea mogachi
Darunn tarik 1997, panchvi Setembrachi
Mother Terez, sonvsar roddlo, aikon khobor hi dukhachi
Adeus korun sonvsarak, geli maim goribanchi

Bhurgeachponnar, riglo tujea kallzan, mog gorib-piddestancho
Rosteacher poddlolea, moroncheak soddlolea, mog tuka tancho
Vavrak tujea chodd ojeaptalo, lok ak’kea sonvsaracho
Sovostkaiechea anjeak roddtat, lok aiz Calcuttacho

Bhirankul duensan bhorleleanchi xeva kori
Mogan kuson, sonstin sandleleank, maim tum vengen dhori
Moronk rostear sandleleam bhurgeanchi, tum apurbai kori
Mog tancho korun, hath dhorun, ghor tujem bhori

Vakanddunk vavr tuzo, vhoddlo-vhoddlo lok tuka mevon ghelo
Pap Saib vo President, dotor vo engineer, pollovn ojeap zalo
Ojeapancho, khalto vavr tuzo, kallzan chapun tannim velo
Vakanddnnim divnk, Bharat Ratna ani Nobel Prize dhilo

Gorib-girest roddtat, geli mhunnon tanchi mogall savlli
Dhorun aple kuxik, dukam puxi, te maink Devan veli
Goribantlea goribak, vengovnk tum maim zolmoleli
Moipas kitem, sovnsarak xikovn, tum Devager geli

Tum moron sonvsaran mog unno zalo, disti poddta amkam
Kottinim lok sonvsaracho, nimnno adeus korun golloi dukam
Tuvem kel’leo milagri, porzolltat provar korunk anik nakam
Dekun morchea adim, ‘jivo sant’ mhunno tukam
Dekun morchea adim, ‘jivo sant’ mhunno tukam
Borem magon daddteli mhunn, asa khatri amkam


Mateak fulam mojea mavu naka, sangon di gopan
Sogleamcheam patlen danvom naka, borot tujim mapam
Thodd'dokam korun, dusreache xiddi toddun, kiteak kortai papam

Bhangar mottiem tujim maka naka, mog mozo korinam tor
Poi re matso eun paka paka, kalliz zata bitor
Roddoita maka, portun khoxi kortai taka, mogak lavun kator

Adim mog ami kortalim, dogaim korun kantaram,
Soglim rat ami nachtalim amchim vazoun gitaram,
Ugddass kor tujea utramcho dukani anv bhortam
Uzvadd gheun neketramcho, akhi rat sartam
Vell passar korunk, urlele dis sarunk, kantaram kortam

xaba laba lui dui ruba xaba rub dui dui ruba....tui rab tui rab

Adim mog ami kortalim, dogaim korun kantaram,
Soglim rat ami nachtalim amchim vazoun gitaram,
Ugddass kor tujea utramcho dukani anv bhortam
Uzvadd gheun neketramcho, akhi rat sartam
Vell passar korunk, urlele dis sarunk, kantaram kortam....3

23.KAZAR ZALO - Lorna
Turup turup turup turup

Chintelem kallzan anv tujea bitor soronk
Iskol xinktanam maka tum ailo re voronk,
Kazar zaunk vorsam re mojim naslim boronk
Ganvant bonvpachem maka thond nam uronk

Oklek pollounk mhunnon tum amger ailo
Anv mandlim mhunn tuka tum moje maink sangon gelo
Kiteak mhunnon tunvem maka ho ghat kelo
Maka angach dovrun bolteach lagim kazar zalo

Mudi galunk passun tunvem dileli tarik
Ganvant amchea bobau zalo moji zali mhunn soirik
Anik maka kazar uronk nam chintlear barik
Borem aslolem kodden maka ghatlem dukhamche zorik

Soirik modli mhunnon noth urlem maka
Innocent idadir goddunk lailo dukham
Sonvsari sukh ani kazar maka nakam
Eksurponn sartelim anv borem magon tukam

Kallzacher sodanch urtolo ghavo tazo
Zaitem oklamchea gharak mista osoch lailo uzo
Atam tum khuxeal bhonvxi re ghat gheun mozo
Tukai oslench bhogtelem konnem ghat ghetelar tuzo

Maim roddot dhuve pirdear zaunkpak nanv
Guneanv bogos maka bai gunveakari anv
Punn novrean ghat kela mhunnon mandinam ganv
Boslem thoim poiat xelleam angar futtleat fuganv

24. LISBOA - Lorna

La ra ra ra riu, la ra ra ra riu la ra ra ra, la ra ra ahhhhh ahhhhh

Sodanch chintalim vetelim mhunnon re Lisboa,
Novro assa thoimsor, anv assa re Goa,
Chintlelem chintop purem zalear puro re Deva,
Khoxi zatelim, polloun tem Lisboa.

Despez zalear zanv, thoimsor anv vetelim,
Novreak meutoch anv, kazarui zatelim,
Lisboacho ganv, khoxen anv poitelim
Poitoch Lisboa, viva re Goa, ghara yetelim

Repeat Sodanch chintalim.......

25. MALLUND - Lorna

Thondar tujea anso khellon kortai fokanam
Punn fatlean suri marun dusreak kortai chikanam
Godd godd utramcho tujea kainch sumar mevonam
Tun kavlo vo parvo tho lokak parkunk mevonavnam

Xirlea porim khoimchea vellar mudar kortai kor
Sorpam modlem mallund tuka sarkem zata sor
Thondantlean godd utram vanvtam jibek chodd valor
Kedi vhodli zomin kostai nastana nangor

Kolleachi budh assa tuka toklen ekdom nadd
Dusreak nadun nadun tancho sonvsar kelai padd
Muddam toddun kadtai zomnik lagche adim zadd
Nadbudhini kitleamchem jivit kelam vibadd

Akho dis ganvar bonvon tum pott bhortai tujem
Matear tujea gheun bonvtai sonvsarchem ojem
Zanai konnak kitem diumchem konai thaim ghenvchem
Konna lagim sangath zoddcho ani konn bharim bonvchem

Thond tujem subej vazta punn kainch zaina athan
Sakor khaunk zannaim muiache bhaxen zaun lahn
Khobro kaddun ghetai vochon dusreache potan
Rup tujem Anjeachem punn tum vhodantlo vhodd soitan

Chotur ravonk zai oslea munxeank pationk nezo
Kaddi mari nastana pettonk bounta uzo
Natra lagchem lissaum kednanch xinkcho na Azo
Oslean lagim dorxi fuddar padd zait tuzo
Naddank pois dor fuddar porzollit zaunk tuzo

26. MITTACHO FAR - Lorna & Seby

M: Dubai than Cortalim, paulom anv mojea gharan
Udtoch Eiroplan, axelom monan pounk tukam dharan
F: Tukam vengounk nam zalim khaltem aslelem karran
Papa khoim tuzo,jiu gheupak amcho marunk ravo farran

F: Bielim Ronnie taka, tho marrit mhunnon amkam
Gorib tuzo pai, tum voitoch Dubai, poi futlim pakam
M: Pordesan paulom Julie, borem jivit diunk tukam
Pai ani Errank, mittachea farrank tum bie nakam

F: Lhanuch astanam Ronnie, mog anvem kelo tuzo
Papa mhunno sun, bore tuje gunn mog kori mozo
M. Anvuim visronk nam Julie, ugddas toh assa tazo
Pappan poun duddu mon kelem koddu, duddvan lailo uzo.

F: Anv mhunn ekdom fulgodem, Pappan varear ghatlem nanv
Marun opari, anv mhunn bikari, bhorlo soglo ganv
M: Visvasacher mog amcho, sonvsar koddu zalear zanv
Vizza adlea bai, pautoch tum Dubai sodanch khuxeal rau

F: Khoxi nam Ronnie makam, Pappak tujea diunk dukh
Sodanch chintalim goyeam anv ravon, diunk taka sukh
M: Xita fuddm mitt khavun, pappan mojea keli chukh
Sambau mun papa, sanglelem taka, mojea sukacho rukh

Both: Koddu ugddass pois kaddun, pappak ami veng marun
Patiemchi nhoi math, diumcho taka sath mog tacho korun
Jivit amchem surgaumchem, anson khevon, dis sarun
Kedieim eum tufan, ghe tujea gopan, ghott makam dhorun.

27. MOGACHO DIVO By Silviano Barbosa sung by Lorna

Ankvarponnar poddlim ami mogan
Kazar zatoch, sorg dislo sonvsarant
Sukhi jivit amchem podlem dukhant
Sontoss guelo, ubhem zalem tufan.
Dhonia kitem mhozo fuddar
Chintlear, naka dista sonvsar.

Gueloi soddun kalliz tuntoun mhojem
Ghevun bhountam, dukhachem hem vojem
Modhur kalliz dharunn zalem tujem
Itlean kabar sukhi jivit mhojem.

Mogan pettoilolo divo
Nishttur vharean to paloilo.

Adlo ugddas korun soddttam ulhas
Sukhi sonvsar korunk dileli bhass
Mog ho kabar bhale marun sabar
Dukhacho pauss hea mhojea kallzar
Adeus , adeus, adeus mhojea Moga
Devan sodanch feliz korcho tuka.


Melea nagoun tum geloi mure makam,
Chora bhirmot futteli tukam,
Tukam sopnan poitam, fatlean danvtam, dusreak ghat korinakam,
Oxim pation raulim, ankwar baulim, kalzan vanvlim dukham.

Mar Bonvtaloi veng maka marun
Missak vortaloi ath mozo dhorun
Tumven axechem map mellea bhorun
Maka bavoilem abgath korun...........}2

Mojea kalzache xirap tukam favo,
Anvdo giutanam dhorom tuzo tavo,
Oxe abgath korxi - sukon morxi - kalzak zaun tujea gavo,
Tuje urbechi famil, morom re Kamil, sorop chabon kavo.
Makam mhunntalo Emil mojea pixea
Dusrem kon naka tunch mojem bhuxea
Sukhi chintnachi keloi dur-doxea
Chora azunui tujich makam axea................}2

Oxe kanvleache xirap galtam khore,
Pun hea kalzan than magtam tukam borem
Mojea kalzachea sukha, rautam re tuka, yeun dhor re mogachem verrem
Kuxik kuttuleo korun, chiddi re dhorun , tannellea mogak ghal re sarem.

Ratcho bolkanvan gheun maka bosso
Tedna sorgar paulim - xim disso
Tujea mogacho lagla re osso
Konn korchonam tum kori tosso............}..2

29. MOGAN PODDLIM - Lyrics by Neves Olivera, Sung by Lorna

Mogan poddlim bulloinastanam,
Tujea lagim uloinastanam,
Eka Mekak polloinastanam,
Love you mhunnon kolloinastanam,

Uloinastanam, mog tuzo maka,
Polloinastanam, mozoi mog tuka,
Poilelim tor eka meka,
Kitem zaupachem sangonk naka.

Mogan poddlim kovonastanam,
Eka mekak mevonsatanam,
Motorani bonvonastanam,
Mogacho kheu khevo nastanam.

Mevo nastanam, mog tuzo maka
Bonvo nastanam mozoi mog tuka
Meulelim tor eka meka
Kitem zaupachem sangonk naka

Mogan poddlim ollkonastanam
Ghor tujem dekho nastanam
Zath tuji noko astanam
Gunn tuje chakonastanam

Ollkonastanam mog tuzo maka
Noko astanam mozoi mog tuka
Punn meulelim tor eka meka
Kitem zaupachem sangonk naka

30. MOJE MAIM - Lorna

Nov moine tunven maka tujea kusvean dovrun,
Ho sonvsar dakoilo mogan zolmant addun,
Bore dekhin vaddoilem, mog mozo korun,
Aiz ugdass korun roddtam, dolle dukhan bhorun.

Maim moje maim, tum asli adar mozo,
Koddu dista sonvsar ugdass yetoch tuzo,
Tuje osli maim, anik mevo nezo,
Jivit tujem chintit tor, pikar zata bezo.

Tum gharanat astali tednam, kainch maka kollo naslem,
Kosloch usko maka naslo anv kaim chinti naslem,
Aiz tum gharant na zaun, zaitench anv chintunk podlem,
Ugddas tuzo maka yeta, konak mhunn sangchem.

Maim Moje Maim tum mog mozo kortali,
Mogall utram uloitali, mogan maka vengoitali,
Akho sonvsar passun sodlear, tum maka na meutoli,
Duent anv poddot tor, nidonastanam rautali.

Khoimsoruch kantar korunk gelear, rokdench yei anv marun danv
Tujexim ravonk maim maka, bhogo istimossanv
Sodanch mojem chintali, ditali mogachem bessanv
Tujeach utrak logan aiz hem Lorna zoddunk paulem nanv

Maim moje maim, moji girestkai zaun asli,
Aiz tum nam, zaun maim, kallzak dukh zalea vhodli,
Kitlech ozar passun dilear, porti na tum meuteli
Axea dortam ek dis maim amchi bhett sorgar zateli
Maim moje maim....

31. MY FAIR LADY - Lorna & Seby

F: Ankva ponar moje fatlen, gheun bonvtaloi motor gaddi
Birthday natal novea vorsak, ditaloi tum foren saddi
M: Tedna bai tum sobit dissoi, mhunnom tukam my fair lady
Kazar zatoch gharan boson, lady moji zali ghoddi

F: Sirvishechem kadleim, tukam khup, mellon sukh, diss ratim
khavoumcheak xacuti.
M: Soppeacher tum bosson, khavun bol, fugem dhol, oh Betty,
Now you are so fatty.

F: Fatty zaupak tujem Betty, Poti mojea tunch re karan
Sirvisechem kaddun makam, ghara bosson dorlai vorran
M: Zante piraer avoi moji, soglem kam ti korta gharran
Bietam tum anink fuglear, koxem bitor rigshi darran

F: Ankvarponnar honey, veng marun, ghot dhorun, mhunnoi doll,
Oh! Betty - I am your Paul
M: Tedna aslei beauty, sudsudit, kurkurit, slim and tall,
Now you are big football.

F: Mojench noxib mista futkem, dusre husband kind and so cool,
Ghorchem kam te soglem korun, kuznantli passun pustat dhool,
M: Tosle husband Ba Ba Black sheep, zodlea tanchea khoddeachi wool,
Baileche te Santa Gagra, Oh so bald and so dutiful.

F; Bhurgeank ghara soddun faleam than, korunk kam, bhair sotam,
ghara eun rum martam
M: Soro naka darling, zai tem kha mottem za, anv randtam,
tujem kam anv kortam..2

1 2 3 4 come on baby give me more...

C: Kai borem band hem vazta
Kalzak sontoss bhogta
Chedde ani cheddvam nachta,
Mai makai nachonk dista,
P: Ago tem tuka naka, Ago tem tuka naka,
C: hmmmmmmm ..
Maim makai nachonk dista,
Kai borem bend hem vazta
Kalzak sontoss bogta
Chedde ani chedvam nachta,
Mai makai nachonk dista,
P: Ago tem tuka naka, Ago tem tuka naka,
C: hmmmmmmm ..Mai makai nachonk dista

Boys: Un, dois, tres, quatr, Nachomia ami sogli rat

F: Kai boro cheddo tho nachta
Pollunkui boro dista,
Makach pai tho hasta,
Mojea mogan podla mista
M: Ago tho tuka naka, ago tho tuka naka
F: hmmmm..mojea mogan podla mista
Kai boro cheddo tho nachta
Pollunkui boro distaa,
Makach poin tho hasta,
Mojea mogan podla mista
M: Ago tho tuka naka, ago tho tuka naka
F: hmmmm Mojea mogan podla mista

Group: Ek, don, tin chear, Nachomia ami kumpasar

C: Tumi nachat kumpasaru
Maka nachonk aila baru,
Pai tumvui maink ghott doru
Ami nachomea bara boru,
Group: Agho vegen doru, nachonk koria suru
C: hmmmmmm Anga nachpacho aila atam zoru
Tumi nachat kumpasaru, maca nachonk aila baru
Pai tumvui maink ghott doru
Ami nachomea bara boru,
Group: Agho vegen doru, nachonk koria suru
C: hmmm Anga nachpacho aila baru
Group: Un, dois, tres, quatr
Nachomia ami sogli rat
Dui dui dui ruba ruba, Dui dui dui ruba ruba...4 times

33. NIMANNO ADEUS – Lyrics S.Vaz sung by Lorna

Sonvsarant munis ekuch pautt to yeta
Devan Nirmilam tednam moron veta
Devacho Ghutt munxeak ugtto nasta
Borem kelear ugdass sasnak urta

Goyent amchea ek munis zolmon to ailo
Devan taka muzg korun,boroch famad kelo
Trumpet-acher to munis, borem music vaztalo
Aiz takach lagon tumi, aikotat Lornacho tallo
Musicak lagon to nanv dhovrun gelo
Aiz sounsarant nam Devan apoun velo

Sodunk gelear tum, khoimsoruch mevchonam,
Tuje oslo muzg anik zolmochonam,
Kantaram tujim visronk re zanvchinam,
Music tujem aikonk evchenam.

Band-ant kantar kortanam tunvem mhaka poilem
Tallo mozo sobit mhunn tunvem mhaka sanglem
Ghara lagim tum yevun, tunvem mhaka vakandlem
“Tuzo Mog” poilench kantar tujea sangatak mhunntlem
Kantaram vorvim mhaka famad kelem
Tukach lagon mhojem nanv soglleak gazlem

Kelelem urta ugddass to vechonam
Sonvsarant munis sodanch to ravchonam
Kallzant tum urlo kednanch tum morchonam
Tuzo vavr kednach lok visorchonam

Ponchvis tarikh Janerachi, dis to dukhacho
Sonvsar soddun gelo, LEGEND tum Goencho
Ugddass sodanch urlo, visronk re nezo
Deva lagim magtam, zago sorgimcho
Chris Perry tuka salam mozo
Nimnno Adieus tuka Lornacho
Nimnno Adieus tuka Lornacho
Nimnno Adieus………tuka Lornacho.


Kantar korun, dis moje sartam,
Chintun mogaaaaaaa, noxibak roddtam.

Kallzan than mog kelo, jurament dilo,
Abghat tunvem kelo, kallzak toplo balo,

Mollbailea neketra, zalelim jurar
Zanvchim nhoim mhunn ami, kednach separar

Fottkiro mog kori, ghott maka vengent dhori,
Atam roddtam, anv dukhamcheo zori.

Kitlem kalliz libor, aikon khobor,
Sanddlem mhunnon maka, zalem zobor.

Repeat Fotkiro mog kori....

35. O MIA CARO - Lorna & Seby

M : O Marie Marie - tara ra ra ri kor toyari
F : Nachoi re Juao, tum kumpasari
MF: Ami Khampream poi nachtanv hi lansheri

Chorus F: Tum nach tumba, ani aum nachtam rumba
M: Nach Marie, nach Africa gumba,
F; Gaum amcho Portugal Lumumba
MF: Goeam yeun vo nach nachtaum shamba

M: Purque Pikasaum, minha Istimassanv
F : Deva gal Bessanv
M: Bhend tujem aloi, Marie consesanv
MF: Tum Ghot dhortoch voir sorta kurasanv

Ch F: Tuez meu Amor - Juao de Purtugal
M: Soboumyea - Goencho carnaval
F: Caju forte, piyon gazouyea saal
FM: Purtugalak feni - nam kosle hal

F: Ja for re Juao- tum pilai soro, Mia Amoro
M: Alto Porvorim, O mia caro,
Eu bebi bem em bar de Coqueiro

Ch F: Tum dhor maka, ani anv dhortam tuka
M: Nach Marie bestench lojenaca
F: Rock zaum sol, nachoeam paka paka
FM: Shamba Ramba poilo nachoi maka

36. OSTORI - Lorna

Tin bhaganim vanttun dilam ostore jivit tujem
Poilem dasti vin ankvarpon sobit ful tum gharachem
Dusrem kazari jivit tem, panvl visvasponnachem
Tistem maim ani sasumaim jivit sosnikaiechem

Ankvarponnachem thik tujem sambav
Ful tujem rakon, kantte chaunin ghav
Vignam taineamcho kadd boro tum thav
Nirmol ful tujea - Kazarak mav

Borea gharak poddtoch bhoinn Deva lagim argam mag
Tujeach aatin asli shanti tujeach athin asta aag
Sosnikai tujea monnan bhor vissor kitem poi to rag
Ghorche altat zallear khambe nidonakaim samkem zag

Borea gunnanim ghor ghovachem bhor
Govache ghara dusrem zainam sor
Moipass gharacho pois zait veta thor
Abru gharachi - tum vengen dhor

Xekim putak Kazar korun sasumaim zatai apun
Sunnen vait borem kellear sons ek dis tuvuim asli sun
Mal tratar taka kornakaim bhurgem tem lokachem mhunn
Ghoracho gut gharan urta, sunnek aslear bore gunn

Hench bhoinim tuje, molladik vante
Ankvarponaruch godd band tum dantem
Sogleak shimpoddtat gunnache fante
Thoddeank meuta ful, thoddeank kante

37. PISSO - Lorna

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

Amchea sezreak assa pisso,
Taka vorsam assat visso,
Soddta mogache ullhaso,
Kantar korta oso.

CH: yeo, yeo, moga moga, gopant dorunk axetam tuka......2
La la la la la....ha ha ha ha ha....2
la la la la la ...ha ha ha ha....2

Tache oklechem nanv bella,
Tannem pisso taka kela,
Oklek boltoch gheun gela,
Dekun pisso zala.

Repeat...CH: Yeo, Yeo moga moga gopant dorunk axetam tuka......2

Sangtam bhavuch mhunnon khaxe,
Mogan poddo nakat toxe,
Tumi zait tor pixe,
Kantar korat oxe
Repeat....CH: ...Yeo, Yeo, moga moga.... gopant dorunk axetam tuka......2


Dista maka anik moga oslem nam mhunnon sukh,
Bhorla kallzan tuvem roila poi to mogacho rukh,
Boroin anvem dovorla, amchea istorin borlolo book,
Sozmotam kallzak hea dinvchonam munnon tum dukh.

Pitti pitti pitti pitti pitti pitti pitti pitti pitti kalliz hem zata,
Nidlear nid poddonam punn tuzoch ugddas maka yeta,
Ghott vengen maka tho dhorta chiddun mud’dun moje kiss tho gheta,
Pitti pitti pitti mog amcho kallizak khuxalkai dita ......
La la la la la la ......................

Chintlear dista maka mog amcho novlanim bhorla,
Oslo novlamcho mog kallzan mojea bitor sorla,
Tuntton vochonam zavunk, kallzant gott taka bandun dorla,
Kazar zaun fokot ekvott zaupacho ur’lla.

Pitti pitti pitti pitti pitti pitti kalliz hem zata,
Nidlear nid poddonam punn tuzoch ugddas maka yeta,
Ghott vegen maka to dorta chiddun mud’dun moje kiss to gheta
Pitti pitti pitti mog amcho kallizak khuxalkai dita (2)
La la La La La La La ........

39. RED ROSE - Lorna

Ghor mugelem Kudtore xasti, Rosalin muj nanvu,
Tambdelem rozu, mhunnit tor soglo, ollkot maka ganvu,
Walkisher vhodlea parxeamghe bongleant, kam kortam anvu,
Rostean choltana, fatlean re lagtat cheddeamchem pursanvu

Konn maka choklate addun ditai,
Konn maka picterak apoitai,
Konn maka bestech chabaitai,
Konn maka poixe dakoitai,

Zaite amgele goemkar chedde, fatlean moje yetai,
Khoimsorui osonk suseg mak dinai, jivu mozo hatai
Kazar zata mhunn kitle zann maka, utor passun ditai
Tesole nouvre nakai baba te, contri soro pitai

Aikon hem ghotti motin dhori,
Aichen tum boro nichev kori,
Soreak tea dorian voron mari,
Kazar muko zachea zai zaleari,

Parxeam ghe passun chedde re maka, bestech moddtai dolle,
Red rose mhunnon apoitai maka, fokann kortai thodde,
I love you mhunnon, kissu re muzo magtai mojea kodde,
Dusre mak nakai kazar zato anv focot goemkaram kodde

Parxi makca duddu ditole
Ghoddie tea bangar ghetole
Melear maka kanvlle khatole
Goemkar moje matiek etole
la la la la, la la la la la la

40. RUZAI RUZAI - Lorna

Bomboi xarant aik khori ghoddleli, istor hi sangtam bhavani
Kauz osle kitle lipoilea zait, gup chup ganva ganvani
Osle ghutt kitle kallzan chiddile, moriad samballunk bailani,
Ghovan kel'leam paktkamchi zoddti, dili zait kitlea bhoinani

Ankvwarponnar torne pirayer, bhurgea Ruzain mouza marun,
Khuxealkain dis tho sartolo, rogi bailank vengent dorun,
Duens aids Ruzaichea xirani, raulem ghatki gonter korun,
Avoi tachi roddta immteani, dolle lojen dukhan bhorun,
Hai hai puta Ruzai.

Mouza marun oxi poi ho bhurgo, sangath zoddta sobe mazar,
Eka sundor cheddva borim pai tacho, khoxen putak korta kazar,
Akho sonvsar dakoita bailek ho ghov, duddu moddun zaite ozar,
Bail ghovak bori saud di mhunnon, sodanch Devak korta rozar.

Noxib tichem derefent futton, churchureamchi godni godli
Bail duent zaun ek dis tika, hospitolan galchi podli
Tika aids duens asa mhunn koutoch, ojeap zaun tichi famil roddli
Ani Ruzain kaim kakut nastana, marun bailek maimger dadli
Hai Hai poi ho Ruzai

Durdoxeachi khobor thoddeach tempan, amigak tachea yeta kovon
Tea ghovak somzaun tho amig ghuttacho, urgent babdo yeta danvon
Amig xiddkaita mhunnon ixtta Ruzai, jivit sarnaka anga thoim bonvon
Dekun tunvem tuka topassunk zai mhunon dotorak yetat mevon

Taka aids assa mhunn dotor sangtoch, kontin Ruzai chintunk poddlo
Tannem aplem duvens bailek diun, okman tika kelo vhodlo,
Moje innocent potinnik dubavlo, mhunn lojen tho zaito roddlo,
Ani moddear potinichea tannem, lojen nimmno suskar soddlo,
Hai hai puta Ruzai,
Kitem kelem Ruzai,
Tuzo guneav Ruzai


Devan maka uzvaddachi ponti dili,
Otra vorsam apurbai tuji keli,
Orthant amchea ekuch ful'leli dhali,
Novrean tujea vinchun kaddun vheli....Repeat Devan

Mogan tumi poddon re, kazar tumi zalim re }
Devachem bessanv tumcher poddom re.....} Repeat.. Mogan..

42. SILVER JUBLIEE- Lyrics by Silviano Sung By Lorna

Ponchvis vorsam aiz zalim passar,
Soirik korun, zalelim kazar
Igorjent lok, zomlolo sabar,
Sopnam amchim zalelim sakar.
Aiche rati, kaz’arachea mattvant,
Nacho ami, dolle laun dolleant,
Aslim disso sorga rajeant
Vhoir bhum-voi-kuttant.

Silver Jubilee, kazaracho,
Vhoddlo diss amchea ekvottacho
Kai borim bhurguim, foll niz mogacho,
Khoxechim, dukham, polloun ho dobazo.

Utor ditam sangatea mhojea,
Tum niz mhozo anv tujem anjea
Mudi ghalun bottar hea tujea
Kallzam sasnank bandya …..
Kalzam sasnnak bandya….2


Respetachem cheddum anv Goemchem,
Ani sobit sundor ganv mozo Tirakol
Derepent hem kitem zalam makam,
Poi cheddeank poitoch tokli ghaltam sokol,
Chedde fatlean fuddlean poitoch fugar zatam ani gamman hem
bhorta mojem Koppol
Ani maim mhunnta, solayea vorsa toxench zata, tum lahn nhoi gho
vaddon zalaim Okol

Kal passun anv cheddeam borim maimghe,
hockey-futtbol, Koineam balamnim khevlim,
Derepent khelpachi urba denvon, nakam makam budkulim anim baulim,
Bussin makam, cheddo eok voir sokol poie,
ani chinttnam mojim urben pois paulim
Ani rattim khattir uchamboll zaun zagim urron,
unxeak chiddun anv akkhi rath loulim.

Vistid sogle dimie voir poi paule, buluzam todtoddun ghot zatat makam,
Cheddo cheddum vengen distoch bautam,
kalliz futton dolleanim bhortat dukham,
Maim mhunnta bai vegim vaddlaim kazar korunk,
ekviss vorsam punn boronk zai tukam
Ti ekviss vorsam bhoronk ani panch vorsam zai,
hem chintun vo sounsar makam nakam.

44. SOPON - Lorna

Kednam tho dis yetolo,
Igorjechea darar meutolo,
Padri estolan amche ath bandtolo,
Ekvott amcho zatolo,

Resperachem nestelim,
Tuje kuxik dimbier astelim,
Noxibantlem sukh ani dukh sonstelim,
Mogan anv tujea lastelim.

Kitlo khoxecho dis,
Padri sangtolo mis,
Khoxen bhortelim ditoch tho kiss.

Chintun sogllench sukh bhogtam,
Dis tho veginch yeunk ontrektam,
Kantar korun hem saiba tukach sangtam,
Sopon khorem zaunk anv magtam.....

Repeat Kitlo khoxecho dis


La la la la ral la la, la la la ral la la, la la la la la la la...2

Surya ekuch don kaim assonam,
Tossoch tujea xivai dusro maka nam,
Doryak sukhti bhorti yeumchi chukonam,
Tuka poilear kherit kainch ruchonam

Infernantlean sorg disonam,
Tujea bogor maka dusro zoukonam,
Kallzan ghor bandlam konnak suat nam,
Focot tukach ani sangchi goroz nam

Mog tujea sobdani, tosoch sorg tujea dolleanim
Morchinam eksurim, tumvuim zavo moje borim.

Sukon gelear udok doryachem,
Moddon poddlear voilem ordh mollbachem,
Ugoddlear dhar patalachem,
Doxim zaumchem nhuim chitkon rauchem.

Rup tujem anjeachem, kallzar kantoilam nanv tujem
Dennem tum sorgimchem, amrut jivitachem.

Sontosachem sukh sodanch nanvchem.
Vaitt boreak eka mekak pauchem
Eke boxent ami sodanch jeuchem
Ghodd koddu jivit sukhan sarchem
La la la ral la la, la la la ral la la, la la la la la, la la la ral la....

hmmmm hmmmm hmmmm hmmmmm hmmmm

Nanv tujem bhitor rigoilam, kalzar khantun,
Utram tujim dovorleant monant guntun,
Churchure moje kelenam, tunvem mathpun,
Atam choddfodtai kiteak tum roddtai mojem chintun

Fugar tum zai naka, bestoch roddonaka,
Maka kelaim tho puro re, dusreak ghat korinaka,
Mojea passot uskenaka, Devan bogxilam mhaka,
Sorgar rajeant assam re, fokot rautam tuka.

Khursak utor dilolem, vatti pettoun,
Rozar ami kelolem, upkar attoun,
Mudi tunvem ghatleli, sobit nettoun,
Sanddun tum geloi, Kazarui zaloi maka fottoun.

Repeat Ch...Fugar tum zai naka, bestoch roddonaka

Chintunk naslelem anvem, zaitench bhoglem,
Dukhounk hea kallzak mhojea, koxem laglem,
Sanddum nakai mhunn mhaka, ath zoddun maglem,
Lagon tea mogak, fuddo kelo sorgak, soddun soglem.

Repeat chorus....Fugar tum zai naka, bestoch roddonaka

47. NIRMUNK NAM - Lyrics Neves Oliveira sung by LORNA

Sodanch motin chintalim moga, tujea pasot rochleam maka
Tum axeon aslolo maka, anv axetalim tujea sukha
Deva lagim magtalim tuka, mozo poti kor mhunn moga
Devan mista nirmunk na maka, poti mozo korunk tuka

Gulfan gelelim, kam korunk beauty parloran
Trasant anv podlim pautoch bhailea terran
Voron dovrlim ladies baran dondeak lailim denvcharan
Kudd ti vikti asli bazaran, Salvar kelem mhunn Lor haran

Tho mhunnta maka utor ditam, mojea thaim kazar zatam
Kazar zaunk kobul na zalear, mhunnta aplo jiv ditam
Tujea mogan kalliz ullpota, tum hea kallzan jieta
Dilelm utor moddunk bietam, sang kitem korchem antam

Akantantlim vaittailim,koxim taka visortelim
Jiv mozo rakloi, koxim na mhunntelim
Tachem utor koxim moddtelim, nodrek sokla podtelim
Tannem kelelo upkar moga, anv koxim farir koretelim

Tunvem mog maka dila moga, salvar tannem kela maka
Zodd zaina na mhunnocheak taca, na mhunnok zata tuca
Zoso mog tuzo assa maka tachoi upkarui moga
Kainch nezo visorlim tor tuca, visronk cheak zaina taka

Sodi naslim pouncheak, soddtam koso mittoucheak
Soth zanna zaumcheak soddtam tuca meucheak
Chintlam re ami goeam eunvcheak goeam eun kazar zauncheak
Rautam re nimnem pouncheak, visornakai kazarak euncheak

Darling anv tujo azunui mog kortam
hea vellar maka oxem korchem podlem
sozmotam tum sozmotoloi mhunn.


Tumch mozo dhir adar, tumch borvonso
Tumch Dhoni Podvedar, Rochnar amcho
Tumven rochlo sonvsar, chondrim suria,
Tumven rochlo munxeakul, dongor dorya.

Jezu tujea Rajeant vor, maka tujea Rajeant vor,
Tun'toch mojem sonvsarantlem dhor,
Favo kor Dhonia, pollounk anvem,
Sorgar Raj ani Sasnachem ghor.

Toyar assam Jezu apoi maka,
Ghatki hea sounsarnt sandinaka,
Akantachea vellar tum maka pau,
Sorgimchem sukh tum hea patkeak kor fav

Jezu tujea Rajeant vor, maka tujea Rajeant vor,
Tun'toch mojem sonvsarantlem dhor,
Favo kor Dhonia, pollounk anvem,
Sorgar Raj ani Sasnachem ghor.

Tujea xivai Jezu konn mozo na,
Tujea xivai maka, konn disona,
Paundde choddonk Jezu tujea ghorachea,
Paiem ghott kor Jezu tujea bhogtamche.

Jezu tujea Rajeant vor, maka tujea Rajeant vor,
Tun'toch mojem sonvsarantlem dhor,
Favo kor Dhonia, pollounk anvem,
Sorgar Raj ani Sasnachem ghor.

49. TUZO ATH - Lorna
Tuzo ath Jezu,
Mojea athan tum di,
Tujea sangatan, maka cholonk di,
Tuzo chakor koso tujexim yeum di
Tujea gopant thoimsor sodamkall assondi

Tujea visvassan aiz ami assanv,
Tuji vatt polloun, urben ami bhortanv,
Jivo Jezu tum,
Amcho mog kortai,
Tuje patki Rochnnek mogan vaddoitai

Doyall Bapa,
Tujich mozoth magtam,
Tujea Povitr Athmeak, pollounk axetam,
Teach Povitr Athmeacho, adar magtam,
Jezucheach nanvan tuka dinvastam.

Tujea visvassan aiz ami assanv
Tuji vatt polloun, urben ami bhortanv
Jivo Jezu tum,
Amcho mog kortai,
Tuje patki Rochnnek mogan vaddoitai

Tukach pollounk anv,
Mogan axetam,
Hea sonvsarchi axea, billkul na maka,
Tuje vinnem jivitak mojea kosloch adar na
Taro tum Otmeacho axeon rautam tuka

Tujea visvassan aiz ami assanv
Tuji vatt polloun, urben ami bhortanv

50. TUZO MOG - Lorna

Ravom yeta mojean jeu nastonam,
Sarum yeta rath nido nastonam,
Punn ravonk zainam mojean tuka, poi nastonam
Ugddas yeta ut'tam bostonam.
Kaliz khoxen boro tum astonam,
Kainch ek naka maka tum nastonam,
Maatui mojean ravonk zainam,
Tho mog, tuzo mog voi tho mog tuzo mog kori nastonam .

Apoi maka anv rokdinch yetelim,
Sang re maka tujexinch rautelim
Mag re hem kalliz focot tukach, ditelim
Visorxii anv chodd dukest zatelim

Ravom yeta konnank poi nastonam,
Dolle bond korun-ugdi nastonam
Maatui mojean ravonk zainam,
Tho mog, tuzo mog, voi tho mog, tuzo mog kori nastonam.

Savlle porim anv tukach tostelim,
Ugddass kor mozo fuddean astelim,

Tum akantak aslear jiv mozo ditelim,
Nodrek tum naslear pixim zatelim
Thondient rautam anv kamboll nastanam
Gormen rautam anv varem nastanam
Maatui mojean ravonk zainam
Tho mog, tuzo mog, voi tho mog, tuzo mog kori nastonam.

MARIA – sung by Mohd Rafi & Lorna

La la la la la la la la,

la la la la la la la la
Maria….. Kitlem sobit tum Maria..
Maria, khorench ojeap voddlem,
Voi tem makach goddlem Maria,
Maria, poilench nodrek poddlem,
Kalliz mogan buddlem, Maria,

Tho surya, porzollta ontrollar,
Tossoch ansso tujea mukhamollar,
Tuje vinnem sonvsarant hea kai nam,
Tujea bogor mojean ravonk zainam,
Maria, kitlem sobit tum maria.

La la ra ra ra riu (4)
La la ra rium , la ra ra rium …

ha ha ha ha ha ha
Maria, disacho sopnnetam
Ratcho zago rautam maria
Maria, dollea mukar astai
Dis rat kallzan kheutai Maria
Ho suria fokot rauta tuka
Maka lozo naka Maria
Sonsunk zaina ho ulop mogacho
Tuvenuch pallouk zata ho uzo
Maria mojea mogachem Maria
Moladik thik tum maria

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51. DENNEM - Singer Lorna Lyrics Neves Olivera

La la la la la, la la la la laaa,
la la la, la la la, la la laaaaah

Devan maka rochun, kherit dilem dennem,
Talleant mojea ghatlem, bhangarche munnem,
Jivitant hea mojea, ghott nam hea tallea vinnem,
Sonvsarak anv famad zalim, tallo dilolo mhunn tannem.

Argam tuka, Argam tuka, Argam dhonia Argam ditam tuka,
Bhangaracho vo tallo tunvem dilai mhunn maka,
Funkott maka, funkott maka, funkott dila, lakh diunk nam tuka
Tunvem dil'lea tallean diverter kortam loka.

Talleak mojea lagon, sonvsarak nanv zoddlam,
Konknni kantram korun, maim bhaxek nanv addlam,
Bhailea dhesant vochon, Goemchem nanv voir kaddlam,
Devan tallo dilolo mhunn, hem maka bhag mel'lam.

Zanvcho nam tav, zancho nam tav talleacho hea kaddunk zanvchonam tau
Tallo ho vinkto gheunk nezo, diun duddvamche dau
Gulfak pavlim anv, london bhonvlim anv, Canada passun maddoun ailim anv,

Vornitam tuka dhonia anv, tujem nanv povitr zanv.

Kantaram him mojim, aikopeank avoddlim,
Calangute Lisboa, kazarank partyank mhunnlim,
Kantaram tim soglim, Chris Perryn tim ghoddlim,

Anvem mhunnlelim kantaram, lokache kallzant urlim,
Tim mhunntelim, tim mhunntelim, fuddli pilgi, kantaram tim mhunntelim,
Kantaram aikon mojim, ugddass mozo kortelim,
Soglim mortelim, soglim mortelim, ek dis nam ek dis soglim mortelim,
Anvem mhunnlelim kantaram sodankal urtelim.
Anvem mhunnlelim kantaram sodankal urtelim.

52.FOTTKIRI CHITTI - Singer Lorna = LR & young Chico = YC

LR:Zaun, kitlim vorsam gelim zaun,
Viaj martolom, Goeam yetolom, mhunno rojea gheun,
Yeun, kazar zatolom yeun,
Him utram nialltam, vatt tuji polletam, dolle mollbak laun.

Chitti, boroitai fottkireo chitti,
Sweety, yeunk leave mevonam sweety, mevnam sweety ,
Fotti sothmandleo tujeo fotti,
Khoulim uloilelim, chittir boroilelim, tujim utram mhunn khottim.

Ravtelim, kitlo teomp mhunn ravtelim,
Lok korta bejar, sangtam kazar, natalank zatelim,
Yetelim, antam natalam yetelim,
Fotti marleo lokak, kitle pautti moga, lokak fott martelim.

Chitti, pattoita fottkireo chitti,
Sweety, yeunk tikett mevnam sweety, mevonam sweety
Fotti sothmandleo tujeo fotti,
Marun maka fotti, daddtaloi chitti, boroun utram khottim.

Sodta, papa kazar korunk sodta,
Tegaim assat laini, dakteo bhoinni, maka lagon urta,
Dhorta, maka bestoch addaun dhorta,
Sang mog nam mhunn sweety, fottkireo chitti, borun kiteak dhaddta.

YC: Sweety, coming down for Christmas sweety
Tiketti, planeacheo mevonam tikettti, nam tiketti
LR: Fotti sothmandinam tujeo fotti
Sogleo sampoddleo, fotti marleleo, boroun fottkireo chitti.

La la la la la la
Hmm hmmm hmmmm